Melania Trump humiliation: Horror gaffe amid White House renovation plot exposed

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The US President and his wife confirmed that the iconic gardens, just outside of the West Wing of their Washington home, would get a makeover, with work expected to be completed later this year. The decision for the project, which will be privately funded, will see Melania take on the role of overseeing the renovation in a move similar to that of her predecessor Jackie Kennedy, who helped design the garden originally. Speaking about the plan, Melania said “the very act of planting a garden involves hard work and hope in the possibility of a bright future”.

But previously, Melania was widely condemned after the refurbishment of the White House’s bowling alley, which saw the equipment used at the alley was printed with the wrong branding.

An image of the wrongly named bowling balls was shared by Melania to her millions of followers on Twitter.

Eagle-eyed users pounced on the gaffe, which saw the bowling alley balls labelled ‘President’s House’ as opposed to its name ‘The People’s House’.

The White House was given its news ‘The People’s House’ name in 2009, during which time the Obama administration felt it would open up the premises to as many Americans as possible.

Spotting the mistake in 2018, social media users took Melania to task over the error.

One user said: “The First Lady, Melania Trump, has overseen the renovation of the White House bowling alley.

“Historically, the White House has been referred to as ‘the people’s house.’”

Another jokingly said: “I’m just surprised its not in gold leaf with ‘Trump’s House’ on it.”

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While a third added: “It’s not the president’s house even though he thinks it is.

“Has he forgotten that he’s just a glorified temp?”

The bowling alley was installed in 1973 when Richard Nixon was US President and has historically been used by Presidents and their friends and families.

The cost of the renovation was funded by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, according to The White House.

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Melania and Donald’s newest renovation will see the Rose Garden become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It is seen in many quarters as a chance for Melania to highlight her influence on the White House, with Chapman University political science professor Lori Cox explaining: “This is an opportunity for her to do something that’s very traditional for a first lady, because Rose Gardens really are connected to first ladies, probably, maybe even more than how presidents use them.

“This is an opportunity for her to get some attention for something that is probably mostly uncontroversial — although where the Trump presidency is concerned, everything seems to have some controversy, depending on who you’re talking to.”

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