Met Police officer boasted about covering up crime in racist messages

Met Police officer who was jailed for sharing grim pictures of the bodies of murdered sisters boasted about covering up another crime in racist WhatsApp messages

  • Deniz Jaffer, 47, was jailed last week after taking vile pictures at murder scene 
  • He and colleague Jamie Lewis, 33, pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office
  • Their conduct was described as ‘appalling and inexplicable’ at the Old Bailey
  • Jaffer also sent racist messages to WhatsApp boasting about covering up crime
  • He said police would let off ‘white fellas’ who assaulted small group of Asian men

A Metropolitan Police officer jailed for sharing vile pictures of the bodies of two murdered sisters also used racist slurs in WhatsApp messages boasting about covering up an alleged assault.

Deniz Jaffer, 47, was jailed for two years and nine months last week after taking photographs of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman while policing a cordon where the sisters had been fatally stabbed in bushes at a country park in north London.

His conduct, along with colleague Jamie Lewis, 33, was described as ‘appalling and inexplicable’.

However, Jaffer has now also been found to have sent racist WhatsApp messages claiming police would let off three ‘white fellas’ arrested on suspicion of assaulting a small group of Asian men – whom he described using the racist slur ‘P*****’.

Former police officer Deniz Jaffer, 47, was jailed for two years and nine months after taking vile pictures at the scene of a double murder in Wembley’s Fryent Park

The sisters (above), who had been celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday with friends, were found dead in bushes after being stabbed in an unprovoked attack

The officer said the Met would not contact the Asian victims regarding the incident, but would close the case anyway on the basis they were unwilling to cooperate with police, The Times reports.

An Independent Office for Police Conduct report said Jaffer’s phone contained ‘numerous incidences of race discrimination an racist language’ over a period between June 8 and 22.

Just five days after taking the pictures of Ms Henry and Ms Smallman, he wrote to a WhatsApp group about the incident: ‘Five p*****. Two with bloody nose and the other three ran off but their car has been seized.’

‘Three white fellas arrested for ABH but we have had a chat off the record. 

‘We will release them under investigation and close it later saying victim unwilling without contacting the p*****.’

Jaffer, though, described the messages as only ‘idle chit chat’ and gossip at the police station. 

The Met said its directorate of professional standards investigated the messages regarding the alleged incident, but added that ‘nothing was found to corroborate the arrests or that the incident had happened’.

It follows public vilification following a gross dereliction of duty while Jaffer was guarding a police cordon at the scene of a double murder in Fryent Country Park on June 8 last year.

Jaffer and Lewis, neither of whom was wearing forensic protection, had arrived in the park at 3.30am.

During the night, Jaffer took four pictures of the bodies in situ and Lewis took two, and superimposed his face on to one of them to create the ‘selfie-style’ image.   

Unmasked: PC Jaffer, 47, was charged with misconduct in a public office over the pictures

Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46, who were stabbed to death in Wembley last year

Jamie Lewis, 33, was jailed alongside Jaffer at the Old Bailey last week. A judge described their conduct as ‘appalling and inexplicable’

Lewis wrote: ‘Unfortunately I’m sat next to two dead birds full of stab wounds.’

Jaffer posted on another WhatsApp group: ‘I have pictures of the two dead victims. Let me know who doesn’t want to see.’   

He also sent an inexperienced female officer at the scene photographs of the bodies as they lay intertwined in the bushes, including Lewis’ ‘selfie’.

Jaffer then showed the images to two other officers, including a female probationary officer he was supposed to be mentoring at Forest Gate police station, who was ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’.

He deleted the pictures the same day Lewis was questioned by the police watchdog. 

In victim impact statements, family members described the defendants as a ‘disgrace’ to the police family and to mankind.

Jaffer, of Hornchurch, east London, and Lewis, from Colchester, Essex, pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office.

They were both jailed for two years and nine months at the Old Bailey last month. 

Passing sentence, Judge Mark Lucraft QC told the officers: ‘It is appalling and inexplicable conduct. Here, the two of you not only violated the police cordon with the effect that had on the scene and on the investigation, but then wholly disregarded the privacy of the two victims of horrific violence and their families for what can only have been some cheap thrill, kudos, a kick or some form of bragging right by taking images and then passing them to others.’

‘Not only did you violate the privacy of the two women who had been killed, but you also have undermined the trust and faith in police officers the public should be able to expect at times such as these.

‘It is clear that the two of you acted without any thought as to the effect on the two women, their families or the wider public interest.’

The women’s mother, Mina Smallman, said the officers’ actions were a ‘betrayal of catastrophic proportions’ and a ‘sacrilegious act’. 

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