Moment sleeping Tesla driver mounts pavement and misses two women by seconds

Shocking footage shows a Tesla mount a pavement after the driver fell asleep at the wheel – missing two women by seconds.

In the clip, filmed in Hamlin, Texas, two women who work as dispatchers for Hamlin Police Department are having a break and smoking outside the building.

They chat for a while, before extinguishing their cigarettes and going inside.

Just seconds later, the out-of-control Tesla hits the curb at speed and mounts the path.

It crashes just at the spot where the two women were smoking moments before, with an impact likely to have caused very serious injuries.

Hamlin Police Department Chief Bobby Evans told the driver of the Tesla fell asleep while driving through the city and caused a lot of damage.

Describing the carnage, he said the driver hit the corner of City Hall and smashed through all the awning pillars on five shop fronts.

Chief Evans told the news channel the driver was heading home to the neighbouring state of New Mexico when the crash happened on Wednesday (April 6) shortly after 1.20pm.

The driver of the Tesla has not been named and it's not clear if they were arrested after the incident.

Meanwhile, a Tesla worker was fired after sharing a video on YouTube of the company's self-driving Model 3 car smashing into a bollard.

John Bernal, who has praised Tesla's "lifesaving technology," said that the company fired him within a week of posting the video, which has almost 200,000 views, on February 4.

Despite being fired and losing access to his Full Self-Driving software, Bernal says "I still care about Tesla, vehicle safety, and finding and fixing bugs."

Tesla does have not a press office so is unavailable for comment but its CEO and founder Elon Musk has called himself a "free speech absolutist".

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