Mum and daughter ‘covered in blood’ after ‘humungous’ dog attacks tiny puppy

A mum has told how a "horrific" dog attack left her and her six-year-old daughter "covered in blood" after an incensed pit bull went for her Yorkshire Terrier.

Michelle Borkin, 39, was walking along the River Irwell in Bury, Greater Manchester with her daughter, her Yorkshire terrier Bella and puppy Harley when the incident happened at around 4pm on Saturday afternoon, October 16.

She saw an American pit bull-type dog careering towards the group, with its owner in hot pursuit, the Manchester Evening News reported.

It has left the much-loved family pet with severe injuries and requiring emergency treatment at the vets.

"It came from round the river bend, it was quite far away and I remember thinking bloody hell it's big", said Michelle.

"This man was screaming 'stop stop, get back here,' then the man started running after it and he slipped."

"The dog slowed down and started creeping towards us, then it just flew at us.

"On reflection I don't know if it was going for me, or my daughter, or the pup or just anybody it could get.

"But it got Bella and it wasn't letting go. It was horrific."

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Michelle says the dog grabbed Bella around the throat, back and legs during an attack that lasted around 15 minutes.

The owner was punching the dog in the head in an effort to get it to release its grip, without success, Michelle says.

The attack only ended when the dog went for Bella's legs and Michelle managed to pull her free.

Michelle says the dog's owner left the scene despite the fact she was in need of help.

"I was covered in blood, my daughter was covered in blood, why wouldn't you stay?" said Michelle.

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"My daughter said 'mum I rolled myself in a ball and covered myself with my t-shirt over my head'.

"She just couldn't watch it.

"Bella was in intensive care on Saturday night needing surgery for puncture wounds.

"She is very lucky to be alive."

Michelle has reported the incident to Greater Manchester Police but was told that because the dog attacked another animal it will not be treated as a criminal offence.

In a message, police told her: "Thank you for your report and I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

"Unfortunately dog v dog attacks are not considered a crime in the UK at this present time."

In the meantime, Michelle is appealing for help with vet bills which are now more than £2,000.

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