Mum left in coma and fighting for her life after freak fall on stairs at home

A mum was left fighting for her life after falling down the stairs in her home and hitting her head.

Veronica Swift, 58, from Cumbernauld, Scotland, had the accident at around 10pm on September 18, in what are unknown circumstances.

Her son, Rian Freehan, 22, was the one who found her after hearing the loud noise.

The 22-year-old was horrified to find his mum at the foot of the stairs and quickly called an ambulance, the Daily Record reports.

After an initial CT scan at Forth Valley Hospital revealed a brain injury, Veronica was raced to Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary where she has been cared for by specialist neurologists.

The mum-of-four was immediately placed in an induced coma in the hospital's intensive care unit.

Her daughter, Holly Feehan, 28, said: "Mum was put in an induced coma because of her brain injury and the swelling.

"There was a point where we were told we may lose her. Right at the very beginning, the doctors made it clear that was a possibility. They said she might not actually pull through it.

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"We've been told she hit the back of her head and it's damaged the left-hand side of her brain. They've basically said that her brain has jolted forward after she hit her head and she burst veins.”

Veronica also suffered a blood clot and lung infection while the family faced an anxious wait to see if her condition would stabilise.

But, on Saturday, September 25, the family was given a glimmer of hope for the first time in days.

The nan-of-five was in the early stages of being brought out of a coma as doctors began reducing her dependency on sedation and a ventilator.

She even showed signs of being awake and recognising her name.

Holly added: "A week after the accident, me and my sister had gone through to the hospital in Edinburgh and they had removed the instrument that measures swelling in mum's brain the day before.

"The neurosurgeon and the doctor spoke to us then and instead of it being a case of 'you might lose your mum' it became a conversation about the next steps on her road to recovery.

"Even at that, she's a long way off because they don't even know the extent of the damage while she's still under sedation and on the ventilator. But it's such a relief she's still here with us and is alive."

The 58-year-old was moved back to Forth Valley Hospital on Monday but remains in ICU where doctors plan to continue gradually reducing her sedation.

Holly, who works as a customer service advisor, says her mum was 'young at heart' and had a very active job working at a Wetherspoons before her accident.

A fundraiser has now been launched to support the hard-working mum to 'get back on her feet' as doctors tell the family it could be months or even years before she recovers, with over £2,500 raised so far.

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