Mum spots ‘dead’ daughter, 3, breathing inside coffin before she died again

A three-year-old girl woke up at her own funeral after doctors said she was dead following a stomach bug before being hospitalised and tragically dying for 'a second time.'

Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza, from Mexico, had been declared dead 12 hours before on Wednesday, August 17.

However, doctors had allegedly misdiagnosed her the first time which led to the toddler waking up at her funeral.

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The incidents took place at the Salinas de Hildalgo Community Hospital in the state of San Luis Potosi, in central Mexico.

Camila's mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, said that the three-year-old was vomiting and had a stomach ache along with a fever reports the Mirror.

She was taken to a paediatrician in the family's hometown of Villa de Ramos, which is northwest of San Luis Potosi.

The paediatrician told Camila's parents to take her to the community hospital.

It was here that she was treated for dehydration and prescribed paracetamol.

Hours later, when Camila's parents noticed that her condition had worsened, they took her back to the hospital where she was admitted between 9pm and 10pm before being declared dead.

Mendoza said: "Now they wanted to connect her to an IV drip, they took a long time connect her to oxygen, they couldn't do it because they couldn't find her veins, finally a nurse managed it."

Mary then explained that she was separated from her daughter's body and locked in a room before she was able to escape through another door.

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The following day, during her daughter's funeral, Peralta noticed that a glass panel in Camila's coffin was clouded over.

Funeral attendees informed the woman that she was hallucinating, which dissuaded her from opening the coffin.

Despite this, Mary's mother-in-law noticed Camila's eyes were moving while family members proceeded to check her pulse, confirming she was alive.

Camila was then taken back to the hospital where she was declared dead for the second time.

According to the General State Attorney, Jose Luis Ruiz, the case is being investigated and an autopsy is underway.

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