Mum sues school after son, 8, ‘forced to wet himself in class and made to wear bin bag for rest of day’ – The Sun

AN ANGRY mum is suing a school for allegedly forcing her son to wet himself in class and then making him wear a bin bag for the rest of day.

Sonia Mongol’s boy, eight, was also allegedly offered a classroom rubbish bin to pee in, but feared “exposing himself in front of all the other students” at a US primary school.

The boy’s family filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District, as they’re upset no one has yet responded to their complaint about the lad’s humiliating experience.

He was in class at Manhattan Place Elementary School in south Los Angeles when he needed to go to the loo.

The boy asked his teacher – but was told students were banned from leaving the classroom to have a pee.

When his need to relieve himself became more urgent, the lad asked again, and his teacher allegedly recommended he could urinate in the classroom's rubbish bin, according to the family’s lawyer, Toni Jaramilla.

The lawsuit says he accidentally wet himself as a result, soaking his clothes.


His mum told a press conference: “He went to another teacher to try to receive help, and she proceeded to place a garbage bag on him to make an example of him – of what you should not do at school.”

Sonia’s upset that he was made to wear two rubbish bags “instead of calling us and saying, ‘please bring him a change of clothes’.”

Her lawyer added: “That employee, for whatever reason, placed two trash bags on the boy which caused further embarrassment.”

Sonia said that her son “doesn’t understand why when he went to adults for help they would do this to him, so it’s had a lasting effect on him.”

The school also failed to notify her of the incident.

After being humiliated at the elementary school, her son was transferred to another school, in the same district.

The teacher proceeded to place a garbage bag on him to make an example of him.

But Sonia claims that he was again banned from visiting the loo during lessons by a substitute teacher, says CBSN Los Angeles.

The teacher reportedly warned the lad that he’d be locked out of the classroom should he leave to have a pee.

But he went anyway, and found on his return that he’d been locked out.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for extreme negligence and creating a hostile environment at school.

It also accuses the district of negligence in the hiring, training and supervising of Sonia’s son.

The mum said: “I just think about how he must have felt as a child that day.

"Because small children… don’t understand, they just go to adults to try to help them, and they failed him.”

The LA Unified School District said it would not comment to the press about the court action, but “remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students.”

However, the authority is carrying out an administrative investigation as a result of Sonia’s complaint.

Do teachers have to let kids go to toilet during class?

The plight of Sonia Mongol's eight-year-old son, who was given two rubbish bags to wear over his saturated clothes after wetting himself in class, has sparked debate among parents, doctors and teachers in the US.

According to NBC News, people are wondering whether it's "abusive" to withhold bathroom privileges from kids.

A survey of school nurses by the Society for Women's Health Research found that policies about using the loo during class time vary across American schools.

Only half of the 362 nurses quizzed said pupils were able to use the toilet freely – as long as they were given permission by teachers.

Other schools expected pupils to wait until break times to go to the bathroom.

But, The Atlantic said, school toilet rules appeared to show scant regard for bladder health.

And school nurses agreed – saying that break periods between lessons gave too little time for students to use the toilet.

In Texas, Houston mum Candy Mejia told NBC that her young girl had to carry a 20lb school bag to lessons, "so there's no time to go to the bathroom between classes.

"I've told her it's not good for her body to skip the bathroom when she needs it."

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