Mum suffocated three young boys because ‘husband gave them too much attention’

A mum suffocated her three young boys because she was jealous of the attention her husband was giving them, a court heard.

Brittany Renee Pilkington’s three-month-old son Noah was found dead in August 2015 at her husband’s apartment in the city of Bellefontaine, Ohio, the US.

Her four-year-old son Gavin died in April 2015, while infant Niall died in July 2014.

Pilkington confessed to killing the boys the day Noah was found.

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She did so because she was jealous of how much attention her husband gave them and feared they would grow up to abuse women, prosecutors alleged.

Pilkington has since been sentenced to 37 years in prison after being convicted yesterday of involuntary manslaughter at Logan County Common Pleas Court.

Her husband Joseph Pilkington, 47, pleaded guilty to sexual imposition for having sex with her before they were married when she was underage.

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He had previously been in a relationship with Pilkington’s mum, and got Brittany pregnant when she was 17 years old.

Joseph was never a suspect in the boys’ deaths.

Their mum suffered lead poisoning as a child followed by years of physical and sexual abuse, according to her attorneys.

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Doctors earlier conducted tests and found she had an IQ of 78, the average being approximately 100.

Lawyer Kort Gatterdam said “she’s safer living a better life in jail than on the outside”, calling his client “irreparably damaged”.

Attorney Tina McFall, reading a statement on behalf of Pilkington, said she “loves and misses all of her children and grieves for them every day”.

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Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart said the sentence would bring “justice and closure to this tragic case and protect the community from the defendant”.

The death penalty was earlier advocated by prosecutors but ruled out due to Pilkington’s “mental defects”.

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