Mum’s agony as £400 cosmetic injection left her looking like ‘the Elephant man’

A mum who booked a £400 cosmetic treatment at a hair salon said she left looking like "the Elephant man" and even feared she would die.

Sara Gibson, 46, ended up in A&E after suffering a horrific allergic reaction following treatment at a salon in Eyemouth, Berwickshire.

It has been alleged a beautician injected Gibson with a product which manufacturers said should only be used by qualified dermatologists before trying to refer the side effects with a follow-up jab.

The mum said she was left with a badly swelling jaw and lumps under her skin, and even said she thought she was "going to die" as she "looked like the Elephant Man".

Sara told the Daily Record: "At one point, I honestly thought I was going to die because I felt so ill. I looked like the Elephant Man.

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"I'd never had anything done before so at the time I wasn’t aware of any implications.

"The beautician was doing a deal for £400 for lip fillers and three areas of Botox but when I was there I joked about some other lines around my mouth and she said, 'Let me try something', and just jabbed the needle into me.

"I had no pain relief – it was agony. When I looked in the mirror, immediately something didn’t seem right."

Ms Gibson then returned to the salon where a therapist told her she was having an allergic reaction and would need hyaluronidase – an enzyme substance – to dissolve the filler.

A beautician then allegedly injected Sara in the area that had been treated with a substance that she had left "from another customer".

Sara was later told hyaluronidase can trigger anaphylaxis – a life-threatening allergic reaction.

She said: "It turned out hyaluronidase can be so dangerous, it can kill someone who shouldn’t receive it.

"A doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon, who said I’d most likely have to get it cut because it was like concrete in my face.

"If I had reacted to the hyaluronidase that the beautician used to try to dissolve what she’d put in my face, I would have died."

Sara was eventually prescribed a course of steroids and came under the care of an aesthetic medical professional who continued treatment for 10 weeks before the problem was resolved.

The mum-of-four has since launched legal proceedings against the beautician, who she claims blocked her on Facebook after she asked for a refund.

Lawyer Jim Clark, from Emsleys Solicitors, the firm representing Sara’s case, said: "We’re investigating Sara’s claim in regards to a procedure carried out in Berwick-upon-Tweed in 2019.

"The claim involves a product named Bliss Filler and we have instructed medical experts so that we can investigate these allegations."

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