Murdered schoolgirl is ‘unknown victim’ of Yorkshire Ripper, an expert claims

One of the infamous Yorkshire Ripper's unknown victims has been identified, an expert has claimed.

It was around 50 years ago that schoolgirl Judith Roberts went missing.

The body of the 14-year-old was found covered by hedge clippings and plastic fertiliser bags near Tamworth.

Her murder was pinned on Andrew Evans, who served 25 years in jail after confessing to the murder – but this was blamed on a “false memory” that made him think so, and he was released with a £750,000 compensation for his jail stint.

Of the compensation, he said: “We have been fighting for this money and at last it has been sorted. I am relieved.

“I will never be fully free – every time I lock a door I have flashbacks to being in prison.”

His release meant that the mystery behind the murder of Judith Roberts remained unsolved.

However, former police intelligence officer Chris Clark has written a new book in which he claims that Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe actually killed the girl.

The 76-year-old claims, according to Birmingham Live, that the girl was abducted while pushing her bicycle along a country lane, and was dragged to a nearby field and battered to death.

According to reports, Sutcliffe drove a grey Ford Escort, and Chris managed to find four eyewitness accounts of the same car allegedly trailing Judith before she was attacked.

Chris said: “At 7pm, a farm labourer, who lived in a tithe cottage overlooking the field where Judith was found, saw a grey Escort being backed into the field and the boot came up.

“He thought it was unusual. The vehicle was of immense importance, but very little was made of it in the press.

“For me, that car clinched it.”

He also claims that the injuries the youngster suffered were similar to that of another of his victims, Josephine Whitaker, who had a “Y” shaped injury on her face.

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However, it was always assumed that Sutcliffe's victims were prostitutes.

But according to Chris, this wasn't always the case.

He explained: “People think Sutcliffe was a prostitute attacker – that is not the case.

“He chose prostitutes because they would very easily enticed into his car. He basically attacked lone women.

“One of his earliest victims, Tracy Brown, was a 14-year-old schoolgirl attacked on a farm road. She survived.

“There was a housewife left in a doorway.”

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Sutcliffe's arrest and conviction came after police had interviewed more than 250,000 people and crimes that spanned from 1975 to 1980 – he had 13 official victims, with another 10 attacks.

The police investigation into him has been widely criticised since and Sutcliffe himself said at his trial: "It was just a miracle they did not apprehend me earlier. They had all the facts."

Sutcliffe died in 2020 after contracting coronavirus, and the mystery remains unsolved officially, but the Daily Star has contacted West Yorkshire Police for comment.

Mark Of A Serial Killer, published by Adam Wood Mango Books, will be released on October 7.

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