‘My tot was traumatised by idiot nursery staff in Halloween masks – jail them’

A mum whose toddler, two, was left terrified by a nursery worker in a Halloween mask has called for staff members to be sent to prison.

Earlier this month footage emerged from Lil' Blessings Child Care & Learning Center in Mississippi, US, showing a cruel member of staff wearing a ghost mask while shouting things such as "you must be good" at kids.

The young children were screaming in horror. Some were in tears.

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Four nursery workers – Sierra McCandless, Oci-Anna Kilburn, Jennifer Newman and Shyenne Shelton – were hit with felony child abuse charges after the clips went viral and attracted widespread condemnation.

A fifth woman, Traci Hutson, faces charges of failure to report abuse and simple assault against a minor, both misdemeanours.

The workers involved were all fired.

Katelyn Johnson, whose son was one of the children left traumatised, said he is struggling to go to bed at night and has regressed in his potty training following the ordeal.

She wants the nursery workers put behind bars.

She told TMZ: "I do feel a felony is appropropriate. They were traumatising those children and some of those children are old enough to communicate and talk through those feelings and some of them aren’t.

"And there is no telling with those children being so young when we will see that trauma surface, because my son is two-years-old and he cannot communicate what is going on through his head."

Katelyn said that her son has a "very strong reaction" to the specific mask the staff member was wearing because "they used it so often".

The mask is a replica of the iconic Ghostface, the villain in 1990s horror film Scream.

"I would like to see them serve some jail time," she added before suggesting "six months to a year" would be appropriate.

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The mum also said she isn't considering filing a lawsuit, although other parents want to wait and see what happens with the criminal case before deciding on legal action.

Instead she is focusing on her son, using a sound machine and night light to try and help him get some sleep.

Her son is now being supervised at a relative's house during the day, rather than at the nursery, because there's no other daycare in Hamilton, Mississippi.


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