Mysterious ‘creature that left no tracks’ suspected of string of cattle killings

A small town is on high alert after a spate of cow killings has left them with a mystery to solve.

The locals of Meeker, Colorado, have been the victims of several attacks on local cows, with dozens being slaughtered.

And while some would assume it would be easy to figure out what was doing the attacking, local reports claim that the “creature” responsible “left no tracks” – so it is impossible to find and stop the beast at play.

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As first reported by The Debrief, the attacks began in October 2022, when 19 calf carcasses were found on a family ranch belonging to the Klinglesmiths.

Shockingly, some of them had their tails missing, while attack marks look like they had been made with “canine teeth”.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Northwest Region Manager Travis Black said: “Our district wildlife officers are trained in identifying depredation primarily from bears and mountain lions.

"Wolves are a new one for us.

“A lot of those dead calves didn’t show any physical marks on the outside, but there were a handful of them that they determined were consistent with wolf depredation.

“That does not mean that we said wolves did it.”

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An official statement released a few months later reiterated that “no wolf reintroductions have taken place”, after wolves were removed from the area decades ago – leaving everyone scratching their heads as to what keeps killing the cows.

Cameras were set up in the area and DNA samples taken but still no evidence of wolves or any other creatures were found.

Tests for pathogens in the soil were even carried out, but still nothing was found.

Four months after the first set of dead cows were found, the investigation was closed.

A spokesman for CPW said: “CPW investigators could not determine the exact cause of death for a few calves with hide damage and trauma consistent with a canine attack.

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“Although a few cattle showed wounds consistent with injuries from large canines, further investigation to collect additional evidence has yielded no confirmation of wolves in the area.

“Based on the hide damage and muscle trauma to the animals, we believe these few cattle were likely killed, or injured and died later, by some species of canine larger than coyotes, but we do not have specific evidence to determine what species of canine caused the depredations.

“The 90-day window allowed for producers to provide proof of loss has expired, so the investigation is being closed.”

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