Mystery as off-grid man’s remains found on farmland near abandoned camper van

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A man’s remains have been found in a farmland, just a couple hundred yards away from his vehicle which had been left abandoned for over a month.

Jackson Stacker, 26, had left Melbourne on Christmas Day in a camper van gifted to him by his grandparents, but he was found dead on August 25.

His father, Ian, described Jackson as “a bit of a nomadic kid” who was on a “journey of discovery” and told 7NEWS that he last spoke to him on July 14.

He said: “I rang him and he was in good spirits. He said he could be going off the grid for a little while, which is not unusual for him.

“We didn’t really realise he was missing until I had a call from someone looking to buy his campervan.”

A woman had called Ian – whose contact details were on the van – asking to purchase the vehicle which had been sitting idle for more than a month.

Ian added: “I had tried ringing Jackson a couple of times before that just to touch base with him but just got voicemail, I wasn’t too concerned because it wasn’t unusual for him to go out of contact sometimes.

“When we realised the van was at this roadside stop for a month, we put out a missing person search for him.”

A day later, Jackson’s remains were found, with a police investigation identifying the last time Jackson’s phone moving as July 22 and believing he likely died soon after.

Shortly after discovering the remains, it was also revealed that the van had been burgled.

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The dad said: “In the month that the campervan had been parked there, some opportunistic people had been through it and someone must have decided they were going to try and sell (it).

“Because his body had been in the elements so long, the autopsy wasn’t able to reveal a cause of death, so we don’t know whether the death was self-inflicted, accidental or foul play.”

Over a month later, and with an inconclusive autopsy report, Ian is now taking the investigation into his own hands.

He has taken to social media pleading for anyone with any information to come forward, hoping that someone may be able to shed light on what occurred in Jackson’s final hours.

He said: “If he was there with somebody it might require more investigation. If he arrived by himself and people saw him walk off into the bush by himself, maybe it was accidental or self-inflicted.

“Everyone who we’ve spoken to in the area had good memories of Jackson and there’s no question he had some sad times as well but usually during his sad times, he’d ring me or his mother… we’re just trying to track down what could have happened.”

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