Neighbours fight for two years to have hoarder house cleaned

Faeces, rotting food and even a kitchen sink: The shocking hoarder house furious neighbours have been fighting for TWO YEARS to have cleaned up

  • A family ignored multiple clean up orders for their Brisbane home over two years
  • The hoarder house in Rocklea was covered in piles of rubbish and rodent faeces 
  • Three Public Health Orders were made but the family made no action to tidy up
  • The Worthley family was given two weeks to clean before council intervention 

Furious neighbours have been forced to wait more than two years for a disgusting hoarder home to be cleaned up.  

The house in Rocklea, south Brisbane, was first complained about in January 2018 as it was surrounded by a collection of rubbish and rodent faeces. 

Two two semi-trailers, a car, two shipping containers and a caravan were among the items found in the home’s yard, Holland Park Magistrates Court heard on Friday. 

The Worthley family failed to remove their piles of waste and a vermin infestation despite being issued with three Public Health Orders, The Courier Mail reported. 

A hoarder home in Rocklea, south Brisbane, (pictured) was given two weeks to clean up after Holland Park Magistrates Court heard the Worthley family had ignored council orders  

Pictured: The yard was filled with metal sheets, timber beams and two shipping containers

The court heard the yard also contained a rusty car and the inside of the house was full of termite damage, rotting food and rodent faeces on the floor and inside the pantry 

Brisbane City Council inspections, made in February and September 2018 and March 2019, also uncovered a range of strange items including timber beams, a dismantled Hills hoist and a cement mixer. 

The yard even housed a kitchen sink, large stacks of sheet metal, car parts, part of a spa, a trampoline and two rotten lounge chairs.   

Council documents alleged the inside of the home was full of ‘termite damage’ and ‘termite-damaged structural timber’.   

‘There were holes in the walls, the fridge did not have power and food in the fridge had rotted. 

‘There was pet food on the floor, rodent faeces in the pantry, food packaging in the pantry had been attacked by rodents, rodent faeces and food waste was on the floor.’ 

One of the owners, Teresa Margaret Worthley, allegedly denied council officers permission to enter to the home in December 2018.   

The family failed to clean up the home despite being issued three Public Health Orders

One owner said she tried to clean the home but ran into problems with her former husband  

This prompted council to seek a warrant to enter the house in March 2019 and issue the third Public Health Order in April 2019.   

Ms Worthley’s lawyer said the owner had tried to remove some of the rubbish but ran into difficulties with her former husband.    

Magistrate Simon Young said he was sympathetic to Ms Worthley’s position.

He found that the order had not been fully carried out due to the ‘intransigence’ of Ms Worthley’s ex-husband. 

Mr Young ordered the pair to comply with the Public Health Order and asked for the vermin infestation to be addressed. 

He said the semi-trailer and timber beams must be removed as they were the main spots that could harbour rats and mice.    

Mr Young gave the Worthleys a July 27 deadline to clean up the home and determined council would inspect the progress on July 24.

If the family fails to take action then council will have until August 14 to clean the property. 

Magistrate Simon Young granted the family until July 27 to clean up the house after which time Brisbane City council would take over the cleaning if no action had been taken 

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