New York to be ‘nuked by Putin’ as predictor ‘Dr Doom’ ‘moving away to survive’

A man known as Dr Doom says he wants to move out of New York because he thinks it could be destroyed by nuclear weapons.

Nouriel Roubini reckons in the possible scenario where a tactical nuke is used, the conflict could escalate and one of the first places missiles would be heading would be the Big Apple.

The veteran economics professor says it’s “not safe” to be in the city anymore, as tensions continue to build between Putin and the West over Ukraine.

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Roubini, 64, said: “There’s a scenario in which, in the next twelve months, Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine and then they attack NATO and we start a conventional war with Russia.

“The first nuclear weapon is gonna go to New York.”

The CEO of Roubini Macro Associates added: “Being in New York City is not safe.”

He says moving to Canada is the only solution left to the city's residents: "We’ll have a great migration to the Midwest, into Canada. We’ll have to take over Canada. Literally.”

Dr Doom has a reputation in New York for hosting lavish parties with models – often involving hot tubs, giving him what theNew York Postdescribes as a “supervillain sheen”.

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The academic earned his reputation as an accurate predictor of events when he foresaw the 2008 collapse of the housing market, which led to the global recession.

Now he reckons that “World War III has already started” since the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s "special operation" in Ukraine.

Roubini does have a famously-negative outlook on things, however.

His new book is called MegaThreats: Ten Dangerous Trends That Imperil Our Future, And How to Survive Them, focuses predominantly on all the things he believes could go wrong.

On top of his nuclear foreshadowing, he also sees brutal floods, natural disasters and economic ruin.

He predicts the terrors of stagflation and another financial crisis and thinks around a third of the USA is going to be uninhabitable within the next 20 years.

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