North Korean executioners publicly ‘mutilate corpses with flamethrowers’

Guards in North Korea are using flamethrowers to mutilate executed prisoners in front of crowds of people, according to a shocking new report.

In one especially harrowing case, a father was forced to watch as executioners executed his son and burnt his corpse with the fiery weapon.

The new claims by human rights group Transitional Justice Working Group comes after they revealed this week that Kim Jong Un's nation is known to have carried out 27 death sentences since 2011., with some of these for offences as bizarre as watching K-pop.

It is estimated that 21 of these executions were death by firing squad, and 2 were by hanging.

The organisation reached out to a number of defectors who have fled North Korea to put together the report, with many giving shocking accounts of life in the isolated Asian nation.

One woman recounted a flamethrower execution which took place in the capital city of Pyongyang, saying: "In 2012 or 2013 in Pyongyang an executed body was burned with a flame-thrower in front of a crowd following execution,

"The family of the accused was forced to attend the execution and sit in the front row to observe. The father fainted after watching his son burn in front of his eyes."

Another recalled an incident where a child was brutally killed with a Kalashnikov rifle: "Blood was splattered and flesh was tattered. The North Korean authorities folded the body of the executed in half by stepping on it, and put it in a sack"

"I heard that they threw the sack away somewhere."

According to the report, interviewees often stated that shooters are ordered to fire nine bullets into the body of condemned person.

Last month it was reported by the US government-funded station Radio Free Asia that North Korea had sentenced a man to death by firing squad for smuggling copies of the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

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