NYPD will allow people to report minor crimes online

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New Yorkers will now be able to report some low-level crimes and lost property without ever having to walk into a police station.

The NYPD has launched an online portal to submit minor claims — the latest step for the county’s largest law enforcement force to digitalize police procedures.

The new process will allow complaints to be filed through the NYPD’s website for lost property, petit larceny, criminal mischief and graffiti — which accounts for nearly one in four of the total complaints since 2010.

Deputy Chief of the Office of Management Analysis and Planning John Cappelmann said these lower-level reports “don’t really require a follow-up or further investigation by the detective squad.”

“For example, if you lost your watch, you lost your wallet, etc, these are not crimes,” he said. “So there really isn’t going to be follow up by the detective squad to conduct an investigation to attempt to make an arrest.”

After a complaint is filed, the victim will receive a confirmation email and, within five days, will be told whether the report was approved or denied, according to officials.

An officer will follow up in the days after if further investigation is needed, officials added.

Previously, victims of these crimes would have to physically go to a station house and file a report with a cop.

“It really helps us streamline the complaint process,” said Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives Danielle Pemberton.

“It actually helps us free up some officer time that’s associated with the administrative components of processing these complaints.”

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea called the new portal, which has been in the works since late 2019, “another step forward into modern, 21st Century policing.”

Pemberton added that the NYPD is exploring adding more complaint categories to the reporting system.

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