One challenge, two approaches – How UK and France deal with migrant arrivals

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They have medical needs or any vulnerabilities assessed, are fed and checked for criminal records. They are given £37.75 a week for essentials such as food, clothes and toiletries while they await a decision on their asylum bid. Asylum seekers are sent to temporary accommodation while applications are processed. If successful, applicants may work.

Migrants meet an immigration officer to register. They are interviewed, have fingerprints taken and are photographed.

Home Office officials review the claim before a further interview with a case worker. An Asylum Registration Card gives access to health and education services.

In France, arrivals seeking asylum must report to a reception centre. If claim is allowed to proceed, they must complete a form in French within 21 days.

They make a case to an official who makes an initial judgment. Applicants receive an allowance varying from £5.70 to £19 a day but have no right to any other aid.

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