Parents horrified after hearing ‘deep male voice’ talking to child via baby cam

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A couple have been left horrified after discovering the reason that their 15-month old son kept waking up in the early hours of each morning.

Shannon Richardson and her partner Jack Gray were let 'sickened' when they heard a "creep" talking to 15-month-old Freddie through the baby camera they had been using to monitor him.

Mum Shannon explained that Freddie had been repeatedly waking up at around 2am each morning and refusing to go back to sleep, leaving her and Jack perplexed, the Mirror reports.

The couple were "sickened" when they overheard what they described as a "deep male voice" talking to him which was so clear that they thought someone was in the house with them.

Jack immediately ran into Freddie's room, ripped the hacked monitor from the wall and threw it in a skip.

The pair were left terrified that the person who had hacked the camera was someone who was living nearby, with Shannon insisting that they stay at her mum's for a little while, and then having Freddie stay with her when they returned.

Care assistant Shannon, 22, fears that the man may have been watching Freddie for weeks, including seeing footage of the couple trying to calm him.

"The sickness, upset and disgust we feel is awful. How long has this creep been watching Freddie's room? We get him changed after bath times and put him to bed in there," said Shannon.

"We don't know how long this has been going on for because, for a while, he'd been waking up at the same time in the night at around 2am and we weren't able to settle him.

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"Jack was getting in the cot to try and comfort him. We'd been trying to settle him and nothing would work so we think someone was waking him up.

"But now we've removed the baby monitor, he hasn't been waking up in the night."

Footage on the monitor shows Jack getting into the cot to comfort his child to no avail before the pair discovered the terrifying truth.

"It was around 2.30am and me and Jack were watching TV," said Shannon.

"We had the camera on and we heart rustling so we watched it for a minute thinking it was probably Freddie moving around in his cot.

"All of a sudden, we heard this really deep, male voice and it was so clear, we thought he was in the bedroom.

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"He was saying 'baby' and 'baba' like he was trying to wake Freddie up. Jack ran upstairs and barged into Freddie's room.

"No one was in there but the monitor moved towards Jack's direction. The voice had come through the monitor. Jack just ripped the monitor out of the wall and picked Freddie up.

"We went into our bedroom and just sat there not knowing what to do. We were in shock. I didn't know what to believe or to think."

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