Photo shows injuries to female paramedic beaten by violent drunk

Shocking photo shows the injuries suffered by a female paramedic who was knocked to the floor and repeatedly punched by a drunken man she went to help

  • Paramedic Brenda Fox was violently assaulted in Hitchin, Hertfordshire
  • She was left with black eyes and bruises across her body after being beaten
  • Her daughter said the man, whom Ms Fox had been trying to help, was ‘off his face’ and punched her mother on the floor of the ambulance until police arrived 

The daughter of a paramedic has released a harrowing photo showing her mum with black eyes after she was beaten up by a drunken reveller while on duty.

Brenda Fox was left covered in bruises after she was pinned to the floor of her ambulance at the weekend by a violent thug on a night out.

And her daughter Kerry slammed the ‘w*nker’ who got ‘off his face’ and battered Ms Fox as she tried to help in Hitchin, Herts.

She says people should be made aware of the horrifying violence paramedics face day-to-day while on call.

Posting on Facebook, Kerry said she was ‘absolutely fuming and disgusted’ that her mum should be subjected to such a beating while doing her job.

Brenda Fox was left severely bruised and with a black eye after the frightening violent attack

Ms Fox was out working as a paramedic when the violent drunk repeatedly attacked her

She said: ‘My mum works for the ambulance service and got called out to a job last night in Hitchin town because some w*nker decided to get off his face and then thought it would be alright to abuse her and her crew mate when all they are doing is trying to help him and because they decided to call the police due to his continuing disgusting behaviour he then thought it would be OK to beat the total shit out of my mum.’

Kerry went on to say that her mum was left with black eyes and bruises all over her body.

She said: ‘He continued to punch her while on top of her on the floor of the ambulance.

‘Nothing her poor frightened crew mate could do to stop him even members of the public tried to help but he would not stop.

‘Eventually the police arrived and took many officers to drag this scum bag of my mum.

‘The abuse not only ambulance staff have to deal with but hospitals and police on a daily bases (sic) is disgusting when all these people are trying to do is there job and to help.

Pictured: Brenda Fox. Her ambulance colleague had to look on helplessly as the violent man repeatedly hit her in the face

‘I hope he gets all he deserves and much more.’

She added: ‘Please share this around as hope it gets seen by him or who ever knows him and so people can see the sh*t our emergency services have to put up with!!!’

The picture shows the bruising and discoloration around shows Brenda’s swollen eye – with friends keen to send their best wishes to her.

Brenda’s colleague Ailsa White was also said to be upset that she couldn’t pull the thug off her.

Debbie Redhead said in the comments below the post: ‘Still absolutely sick to the stomach about this.

‘Speaking to Ailsa this morning was absolutely heartbreaking after hearing what happened and hearing her so upset.

‘She was mortified and still is that she couldn’t get him off your mum.

‘Just sickens me – your mum is one of the loveliest people I know.

‘I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.’

Another man who identified himself as a police officer online added: ‘So sorry this happened to your mum and Ailsa White.

‘I was the officer first on scene and didn’t have chance to speak to your mum or Ailsa properly as had my hands full. Please send her my best wishes.’ Kerry thanked the policeman. 

Picture of Kerry Fox with her mother Brenda who was attacked while working as a paramedic

Violent assaults on ambulance staff have soared in recent years, according to official figures.

They have surged by a third in just four years, according to stats released by the GMB Union last summer.

Hertfordshire Police are looking into the assault.

A spokeswoman for the East of England Ambulance Service, said: ‘We were called at 12.29am yesterday with reports of a person who was unwell in Sun Street, Hitchin.

‘Two members of staff attended and were assaulted while trying to help a patient.

‘We are supporting both of our colleagues and the incident has been reported to police.

‘No-one should have to face abuse as part of their job, but when our staff, volunteers and students – who are there to help people – are assaulted or abused, it’s completely unacceptable.

‘We will continue to support our staff in reporting abuse and pressing for the strongest penalties.

‘Our Don’t Choose to Abuse campaign reminds everyone that, although we often see people in very difficult circumstances, they still have a choice in how they behave – and the consequences of abusing our staff can be serious.’

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