Plane nosedives through sky before dramatically crash landing onto busy motorway

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A freak plane failure saw an aircraft crash-land in the middle of a busy California road as baffled witnesses watched on.

The small airplane even clipped a car after it nosedived to the ground on Saturday afternoon (July 16).

Miraculously, all passengers escaped the battered craft and the San Marcos Fire Department hasn’t reported any deaths.

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Pictures posted online showed the wreckage laying in the middle of the road surrounded by firemen and yellow tape.

One bystander recorded a clip of the damage for Instagram and wrote: "Two people in the plane are okay.

"Older lady and young kid in the car seem to be shaken up but uninjured. I think they're just a little scared."

He explained how he raced towards the unlikely scene after watching what looked like a prop plane soar through the sky.

The emergency landing took place at the intersection of South Rancho Santa Fe Road and Melrose Drive.

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Officials from San Diego Sheriff's Department announced they will be shutting down the roads surrounding the crash zone.

Although there have been no serious injuries reported, the passengers of the plane and the vehicle that it crashed into were left with minor damage.

The exact reason for the dramatic emergency landing remains unknown.

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It isn’t the first time a plane has crashed in the area – less than a year ago, another pair was left stunned after they saw an aircraft’s emergency landing on Interstate 5 in Del Mar.

Similarly to the recent incident, there were no major injuries and the pilot, passengers and bystanders all escaped with their lives.

One witness said at the time there was “glass shattered everywhere” and their car was “soaked with fuel”.


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