Pope says he would visit Kim Jong-un in North Korea if he sent an invitation

Pope Francis would be happy to visit tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un – if he ever received an invitation.

The Pope was asked if we would take a tour of North Korea for which he positively reacted to the suggestion while speaking with South Korea's head of state.

President Moon Jae-in asked the Catholic head on Friday if he'd take the trip to bring peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Moon made the offer during a meeting with the pope at the Vatican earlier in the day.

He said a visit to North Korea will serve as a momentum to bringing peace in the region, as tensions rise following recent hypersonic missile tests.

"If the pontiff visits North Korea when an opportunity arises, it will be momentum for peace on the Korean Peninsula," Moon told the pope, according to presidential spokesperson Park Kyung-mee.

The Pope replied: "I am willing to go there for peace and help all of you if (North Korea) sends a letter of invitation."

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It's not the first time Pope Francis has expressed interest in travelling to the country, which doesn't allow many foreigners beyond their border walls.

Moon asked Jong-un and North Korea to invite the Pope to visit back in 2018 – but the request fell on deaf ears.

No pontiff has ever been inside North Korea, and the state has no formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

It comes as tensions continue to rise between the North and the US, with the county also facing drastic food shortages.

Kim Jong-un reportedly told his people to eat black swans in a bid to combat the "persistent food problem".

Workers Party of Korea's official newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published an article stating that “black swan meat is delicious and has medicinal value.”

Previously, the chief party secretary of South Hamgyong Province, Ri Jong Nam, inaugurated a new black swan centre on the east coast.

The problem of food was brought to attention by Kim in June, and the dictator believes the elegant birds are his "secret weapon" to fight the issue.

The 37-year-old leader declared a food crisis in the summer, instructing workers to find new ways to tackle the problem.

As a result, North Korea’s state media reported that the black species of Cygnus was a “new and valuable food source”.

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