Prince Andrew so ‘scary’ that security let ‘fake fiancée’ wander into Windsor

Prince Andrew is allegedly so scary to work with that his security staff allowed a random woman claiming to be his fiancée to wander around the Royal Lodge at Windsor.

According to a protection expert, the incident happened in April this year and the woman claimed to be having dinner with him.

Despite not being asked for any form of ID, she was allowed in, claiming that her name was “Irene Windsor”.

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And to make it more embarrassing for the security staff, they even paid her taxi fare, the Daily Express reports.

Having spent 40 minutes wandering around the grounds, the Spanish woman was found by another member of staff who called the police.

Andrew was believed to have been on site at the time.

It has been claimed by Philip Grindell, who founded security firm Defuse, that she had maps of the Royal Lodge and a “self defence ring” in her purse.

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He said: “Prince Andrew is a pain in the a**e and if you have ever worked with him, is an unpleasant character and the security were terrified of asking him ‘is anyone turning up?’

“And because they did not want to upset him, no one asked and they assumed he must have an appointment and let her in.

The former Met Police specialist was speaking at the International Security Expo at Kensington Olympia recently.

He added: “When I heard this it became blatantly obvious that the security involved were in the same position with Prince Andrew as I was 20 years ago, in that they were too frightened to question unidentified female visitors as it would always end in him abusing us for stopping them.

“This is a classic example of what we feared would happen one day.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Buckingham Palace for a comment.

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