Prince Charles aide fiasco is yet another crushing blow to the Queen

SPARE a thought for the Queen today.

Her Majesty should be looking forward to her Platinum Jubilee next year with a settled monarchy ready for transition.

Instead, with her favourite son Andrew already wanted for questioning by federal prosecutors in America, her eldest son Charles now faces being dragged into a police inquiry over a charity cash-for-honours scandal.

His closest aide Michael Fawcett was caught apparently offering to secure gongs for a Saudi tycoon while asking for donations to Charles’s foundation.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick is now under pressure to investigate a possible crime.

Charles’s loyalty to slippery Fawcett remains unfathomable.

The fiasco is yet another crushing blow to the Queen at a time when she can no longer rely on her rock Prince Philip.

Add in Harry and Meghan’s constant potshots from the US, and we wonder how much more she can take.

The only winners in this seemingly neverending mess are the screenwriters for The Crown.

For Her Majesty, it has truly been an annus terribilis.

Back to shirk

SUMMER is all but over, the schools are going back and jabs have broken the link between Covid infection and serious illness and death.

So why do tens of thousands of workers and their managers have no intention of returning to the office?

Why are Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak allowing civil servants to do the serious business of Government work in their pyjamas?

Hard-working Sun readers in ordinary jobs have been on the frontline, taking risks because they had to.

But when the going got tough, too many “tough” bosses stayed in their big houses and got on to Zoom instead.

It may be comfortable but having millions working from home will hit productivity and spending and make it impossible for our economy to bounce back.

The Government must order their staff back in. Failure to do so shows a craven lack of leadership.

Miss you, Girl

SARAH Harding was a beautiful soul with a fantastic sense of fun who could light up any room.

She did not deserve her life to be cut so cruelly short.

In her autobiography, the Girls Aloud star told how she was too scared by Covid to go to hospital to get her early breast cancer symptoms checked out.

It is a bitter tragedy: one, sadly, that we will see play out in thousands of homes across the nation in the coming months.

Rest in peace, Sarah. You will be missed. And if any of our readers are worried about having cancer, get it checked out today.

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