Prince Harry branded ‘professional victim’ who ‘whines at every chance he gets’

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A royal commentator has labelled Prince Harry a “professional victim” in a live TV interview following his speech to the UN.

Kat Timpf, a contributor on Fox News, told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan: “He has been whining at every chance he gets about almost everything non-stop without offering any solution or acknowledgement for the way some of his own behaviour might contribute to the problems."

She said Harry was likely to have a bigger carbon footprint than she did: “I really can’t stand the climate lecture from somebody who took a private jet most assuredly to go give that speech.”

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She added: “If you’re born a prince you generally have advantages that almost no one else will have to make your life whatever it is you want, with maybe one exception and that is to be a professional victim.

“The career path that he is most attracted to is he is whining at every chance he gets.”

Timpf’s comments came in relation to the Duke of Sussex’s speech to the United Nations general assembly at an event to honour Nelson Mandela.

The prince discussed a range of issues facing the world today including “climate change wreaking havoc on our planet with the most vulnerable suffering most of all. The few, weaponising lies and disinformation at the expense of the many."

He continued: "How many of us feel battered, helpless, in the face of a seemingly endless stream of disasters and devastation?"

"This has been a painful year in a painful decade," said the duke during his speech, which Morgan labelled as “rambling”.

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"Our world is on fire again," said Harry. "And these historic weather events are no longer historic. More and more, they are part of our daily lives, and this crisis will only grow worse."

He also spoke about the "rolling back of constitutional rights", which appeared to be a comment on the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn abortion rights in the country.

The comments came during Nelson Mandela International Day, which celebrates the former leader of South Africa, who spent 27 years in prison for fighting against the country’s sickening apartheid regime.


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