Prison guard cougar frees murderer lover from jail and flees with sex toys

A manhunt is underway for the assistant director of an Alabama prison who has disappeared, along with her white supremacist, jailbird lover, who she helped escape.

Vicky White used to be second in command at the Lauderdale County Jail until she drove off with Casey Cole White, 38, a brutal murderer of no relation, and has not been seen since.

The 56-year-old told colleagues she was taking the 18st and 6ft 9in convicted felon for a mental health check-up at a court house three minutes' drive away, however the love birds switched to a brown Ford Edge and hit the road.

Vicky was due to retire after 25 years the day after she took off with her toyboy lover.

One week into the search, the FBI, Marshalls Service and the police, Vicky and Casey remain at large and officials have no idea where they are, The Mirror reports.

Sheriff Rick Singleton, who is in charge of the manhunt told The Mirror: “If I could speak to Vicky, I’d tell her to hand herself in.

“Sooner or later, we are going to find you. Please let that be alive.”

Vicky and Casey had first met in 2020, when he had been brought to Lauderdale County for questioning after confessing to the 2015 murder of Connie Ridgeway, a 59-year-old woman who was found stabbed to death in her home in Rogersville, Alabama.

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White said he was a paid hitman, but when charged with murder pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

He was already serving a 75-year sentence for a one-night crime spree in December 2015, which included a burglary, two carjackings and multiple shootings in North Alabama and South Tennessee, and left a woman injured and dog dead.

Since their initial meeting, Vicky had regularly been driving the two hours to where Casey was incarcerated, at the William E Donaldson Correctional Facility, where she would give a false name to prison authorities.

After she and Casey fled, it emerged Vicky had sold her £200,000 home for just £77,000 nine days earlier.

Vicky, whose estranged husband died of Parkinson's in January, used the alias of April Davis or Renee Marie Maxwell when she bought the car and some of provisions, including clothes from a store that specialises in clothing for tall me and lingerie and sex toys from sex shop Sugar and Spice.

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Authorities say the pair are also equipped with an AR-15 rifle, a shotgun, a pistol and at least £73,000 in cash.

Because Casey left the jail apparently in the custody of a senior warder, it was a full six hours before authorities realised the pair were not coming back.

Meanwhile, the outlaw lovebirds had taken back roads north to Tennessee – but their well-planned flight looks to have hit at least one snag.

Authorities say their Ford Edge SUV seemed to have broken down. It was found abandoned on a country lane.

Jennifer Carr, who lives near where the car was found, told The Mirror: “It was left in the middle of the lane and stood out so much. But there was no sign of anyone.

“It’s scary to think they are on the loose. But, we have the guns ready and now lock our doors in case.”

Vicky’s colleagues, who were preparing for her retirement party, are furious.

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Not only has she betrayed their profession, they at first thought she had been kidnapped.

One corrections officer said: “This job has never been for the faint-hearted.

"We are trained not to let emotion take hold, but when Vicky went missing, many were in tears.

“They were preparing to say goodbye because of her retirement.

“Instead, she said kiss my a** and took off with her lover.”

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