Putin humiliated as leader of annexed region ‘begs to be evacuated from Ukraine’

Vladimir Putin has suffered a fresh humiliation as his Russian-appointed mayor in Ukraine has begged to be evacuated from his takeover city.

Vladimir Saldo, installed leader of the Kherson region, has pleaded with the Russian government to help facilitate the departure of locals as Ukrainian forces battle to recapture their territory.

Saldo made the desperate appeal via his Telegram page yesterday (Thursday, October 13), and warned that cities in Kherson have continuously faced missile strikes in areas with a high amount of civilians.

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Due to this, Kherson's occupation administration wants to arrange the possible travel of residents to sections of Russian territory to "protect themselves from the consequences of missile strikes."

He wrote: "Take your children and leave.

"Turning to the leadership of the country, I would like to ask you for help in organising such work.

"We, residents of the Kherson region, of course, know that Russia does not abandon its own people, and Russia always lends a shoulder where it is difficult."

The mayor defended his alarming call and said the city was a part of Russia, reports News Week.

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He added: "At the end of September, the Kherson region made its choice — in a referendum, it confirmed its desire to join the Russian Federation, restore historical justice and restore what was lost in recent years."

Russian-installed deputy head of Kherson, Kirill Stremousov, backed up his colleague and said that the alleged Ukrainian shelling "has already taken many lives of civilians."

He wrote on Telegram: "The government of the Russian Federation will help the residents of the Kherson region in accommodation on the territory of the Russian Federation."


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