Putin’s armies ‘clearing out Russian jails’ and ‘running out of troops’ in war

Vladimir Putin is scouring Russia’s jail system in a desperate attempt to find troops to support his lagging invasion of Ukraine, an armed forces officer has claimed.

The Russian autocrat’s invasion of Russia's neighbour is nearing the six month mark, and the leader has shown little signs of bringing the conflict to an end by capturing Ukraine's capital city Kyiv.

This deadlock has led to increasingly bizarre threats being spouted on Russian State TV, with one channel warning of ‘Armageddon’ at a nuclear power plant and threatening to bomb London.

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Now, after a British ex-general claimed that Putin could launch a nuclear strike by next spring, Lieutenant General Sir Simon Mayall has claimed that the Russian leader is running out of options.

“You need well trained numbers of motivated infantrymen to take and hold ground, it’s an immutable rule of conflict and war,” Mayall told Times Radio.

“And the Russians are running out… from what we can understand they’re clearing out the jails, they’re paying lots of people in the east of the country, very very poor people, it’s always been a way of recruiting for the armed forces.

“So the Russians have a difficulty, we saw in Mariupol what small numbers of very determined, motivated Ukrainian infantry have been able to do holding the steelworks there.”

The army officer concluded that if Russia hopes to take even more Ukrainian territory, they will need a large number of infantry troops to complement their missile systems.

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This comes after the UN blasted “suicidal” Russian forces after the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was hit by shelling, resulting in fears that the explosions could spark a devastating disaster akin to the Chernobyl tragedy.

As his forces have slowly made their way through Ukrainian towns, there have been reports that citizens have been captured and transferred to prison camps, with one eyewitness alleging that prisoners would be routinely beaten.


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