Putin’s cancer ‘made him invade Ukraine’ as Russia deems health ‘security issue’

Cancer drugs made Vladimir Putin power hungry and crazy, which led to his decision to launch his disastrous war in Ukraine, according to Western intelligence.

An official from Denmark says Putin’s “delusions of grandeur” and his “moon-shaped face” in early 2022 were signs of oncology hormone treatment.

This analysis comes after the Kremlin admitted concerns over Putin’s health with new strains of Covid and flu rising, stating keeping him safe is a matter of “state security”.

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This may mean that Putin will be hidden away from the public more and more throughout the next year.

The head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, who wishes to be known as Joakim, said: “Delusions of grandeur are one of the known side effects of the type of hormone treatment that he was on.

“It’s not something I can say for certain, but I think it did affect his decisions when he launched the war in Ukraine.”

The “biggest uncertainty” over Putin was his health – “or someone removing him because of his failing health”.

Observers have found that he has suffered from cancer and was undergoing treatments for it when he started the invasion in Ukraine, but he is not considered terminally ill.

Russian independent outlet Proekt – or Project – noted Putin had been accompanied by cancer medics, especially thyroid specialists.

“That’s definitely a good bet,” said Joakim, in charge of Danish intelligence gathering on Putin.

His gripping of desks is because he is “in serious chronic pain following several falls and accidents”, said Danish newspaper Berlingske – which interviewed the intelligence official.

The newspaper surmised that this could be from falling off a horse in the early 2000s, or judo or ice hockey injuries.

The analysis does not believe Putin is likely to be toppled soon. Danish intelligence says it is “very likely” he will stay in power for another five years.

“We don’t see anyone about to depose him. But if we did, the FSB would see it too, and that would probably get sorted very quickly,” Joakim said.

Putin’s personal decision-making is seen as a key reason for Russian failures in Ukraine.

“We put a lot of the blame for this on Putin’s shoulders,” said the senior intelligence official.

“It wasn’t poor intelligence but Putin’s ideological convictions that led Russian soldiers to believe they would be greeted with flowers.

“It was because of Putin that everything was planned by a narrow circle of people and only shared through the ranks at the very last minute.

“Because of this, the Russian forces simply did not know what they were supposed to be doing.”

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