Putin’s worst nightmare! UK sends devastating rocket launchers to Ukraine -new Russia blow

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The UK Ministry of Defence announced the move “as part of an enduring commitment to help the country defend itself against Russia’s illegal invasion”.

Although the number of artillery to be provided was not specified, the MoD said it will provide Ukraine with multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) and a “significant number” of precision-guided M31A1 missiles.

The M31A1 missiles can strike targets up to 80km away.

The support is expected to enable Ukraine to “continue to defend itself against Russian heavy artillery”, the UK MoD said.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “This latest tranche of military support will enable the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue to defend against Russian aggression and the indiscriminate use of long-range artillery.

“Our continued support sends a very clear message, Britain and the international community remain opposed to this illegal war and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder, providing defensive military aid to Ukraine to help them defend against Putin’s invasion.”

It comes as the UK has already gifted Ukraine a large number of heavy artillery in June, and trained Ukrainian troops in using them.

Specifically, the UK has already supplied Ukraine with:

  • More than 6,900 anti-tank missiles (including more than 5,000 NLAW, as well as Javelin, Brimstone, and other anti-tank weapons)
  • Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
  • 120 Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • 6 Stormer vehicles fitted with Starstreak launchers, along with hundreds of missiles
  • Maritime Brimstone
  • More than 16,000 rounds of artillery ammunition, as well as anti-structure munitions and 4.5 tonnes of plastic explosive
  • Communications equipment
  • Electronic warfare equipment
  • More than 82,000 helmets, 8,450 sets of body armour, medical supplies and more than 5,000 night-vision devices.

The UK’s total military support is £2.3 billion and exceeds the value of support from every other country except from the US.

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