Quebec immigration minister says documents reportedly stolen from car have been returned

Quebec provincial police have arrested a suspect in connection with the alleged theft of sensitive documents from the vehicle of the province’s immigration minister.

Simon Jolin-Barrette described the situation as frustrating and worrying to reporters on Thursday at the National Assembly.

“When we are the victim of a theft, it’s not a pleasant experience,” he said.

The alleged theft took place late Wednesday night in the parking lot of Complexe G at the provincial legislature. Jolin-Barrette said the documents — which were reportedly both work-related and personal — have since been returned.

The reportedly stolen items included an iPad, according to Jolin-Barrette. When asked if he left his car doors unlocked, the immigration minister did not answer.

Quebec provincial police have launched an investigation into the alleged theft. Police say the suspect, who was quickly arrested, does not have any connection to Jolin-Barrette.

The suspect has since been released and will return to court at a later date.

When asked about the incident, Premier François Legault said he doesn’t know if there are rules about transporting government documents. He said he has also sometimes left them in his car.

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