Queen spotted ‘hanging out’ in London’s fashionable Notting Hill

The Queen is spotted in London’s fashionable Notting Hill district after visiting the home of her cousin to celebrate her 78th birthday

  • After a busy week, the Queen found time to visit Lady Elizabeth Anson’s home
  • One passer-by in Notting Hill said: ‘I never thought I’d see Her Majesty hanging out in my “hood” 
  • Lady Elizabeth has been HM’s party planner since 1960 and was turning 78

Can there be another 93-year-old with the stamina of the Queen?

At the end of a busy week in which she had to entertain Donald Trump and his extended family before attending the D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth, Her Majesty also found time to ‘hang out’ in London’s fashionable Notting Hill.

Resplendent in a green dress, the monarch was spotted on Thursday afternoon leaving the home of her beloved cousin Lady Elizabeth Anson, who turned 78 the next day.

Close: Lady Elizabeth, who turned 78 this week, and Her Majesty pictured together in 2010

‘I never thought I’d see Her Majesty hanging out in my “hood”,’ one passer-by tells me. 

‘She looked at me and gave me a friendly smile. I felt like this was a movie, when the monarch suddenly turns up on your street and gives you a warm look.

‘It was funny how the security with her said, “Please, stand back,” as there was only me — so I just took one step back.’

Once a poor area of the capital, Notting Hill’s transformation into a bankers’ playground was sealed by its title role in the Richard Curtis romcom starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

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