Queen’s move to ‘keep Prince Harry and Meghan Markle off throne’, says expert

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s potential chances of taking over the throne through tragedy has seen the Queen act, says a royal expert.

Although Harry and Meghan have left working life, there is still a chance the couple could take the throne if tragedy occurs to future king Prince William.

According to reports, the Queen has stepped in to ensure William continues to stay safe by asking him to stop with his hobby of flying helicopters himself.

The Royal Family often use helicopters as the quickest way of transport but Her Majesty reportedly told friends that with bad weather, it can not always be the safest.

A source told The Sun: "Her Majesty has told close friends and courtiers that she would like William to stop flying himself, particularly in bad weather, as helicopters are not the safest form of transport.

"It keeps the Queen awake at night and she is understandably very worried."

The Queen does not doubt William’s skills as a pilot, due to him being fully trained, but should a tragedy occur, Harry could take the throne after Prince Charles, according to expert Daniela Elser.

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Speaking in her column on News.com.au, Elser spoke about the potential ways in which Harry and Megan could become king and queen.

Should something happen to William and his heir Prince George, it is likely that Harry would be made Regent if Charles passed away.

Also if Prince George is under 18 when his father passes, Harry could take the throne and could then be passed onto Archie, according to Elser.

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She said: "Not so long ago, the prospect of a King Henry IV would have been tragic but also a bit thrilling – what would the irrepressible charmer do with the top job?

"Now, that image is less intriguing and more anxiety-inducing for anyone with an interest in the endurance of the monarchy, because the very notion of the Sussexes taking over would be a bit like two militant vegans being left in charge of a butcher shop."

Elser also believes that the monarchy is not "guaranteed" to "survive the Sussexes’ stewardship".

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