Reporter totally unaware as giant inflatable penis gatecrashes live news show

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A news presenter was interrupted by a holidaymaker who walked into camera holding a giant bright pink phallic inflatable.

The awkward moment was caught on live TV on one of Spain's major television channel, TVE, as journalist Lluis Mestres shared details on Operation Easter Exit — as a mass exodus of 14.3 million vehicles hit the road in Spain this weekend for a mini break.

While the veteran reporter stands outside the Palma Airport in the top British tourist destination of Mallorca, a group of holidaymakers come out from the arrival hall.

At one point, a woman is seen walking behind Lluis with a huge inflatable in the shape of a male's genitalia.

She and her friend eventually notice the camera crew and walk away from the camera as Lluis carries on his report.

The moment was shared on Twitter by eagle-eyed viewers as one called it "the newscast of RTVE captures the best Operation out of Holy Week".

One said: "What a party is coming."

"The best arrives at Mallorca and without a cap," a second wrote.

"People arrive like the wise men, loaded with toys," a third added.

Last month, a news anchor was caught in an embarrassing blunder during a live interview with guests as they discussed the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Rahul Shivshankar, editor-in-chief at Times Now in India, asked the wrong guest to take a "chill pill" and kept addressing him as "Mr McAdams".

When the real "Mr McAdams" tries to raise the issue, he was told to shut up.

"I'm not talking! It's the other guy who has been talking, I haven't been able to say a word!" Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute said.

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