Rick Zamperin: Grey Cup will be closer than you think, but Hamilton Tiger-Cats will win

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will not be able to contain Hamilton’s high-powered offence and the Tiger-Cats will win their first Grey Cup title since 1999 on Sunday in Calgary.

That, in a nutshell, is going to be the storyline of the 107th Grey Cup at McMahon Stadium.

Listen, anything can happen in a winner-take-all championship affair between the two Canadian Football League teams that are left standing, but the fact of the matter is the Tiger-Cats should win on Sunday.

I know that I am running the risk of sounding like a homer, but the Ticats have the better team — on paper and on the field — and now they just have to produce when the ball is kicked off.

Truth be told, Sunday’s Grey Cup is not going to be a cakewalk for the Cats, not by a longshot.

In my mind, these are the two best teams in the league when you take everything into account like the personnel on the field, coaching, depth, etc., and unless one team turns the ball over a bunch of times on Sunday, it is going to be a tight ball game right down to the final whistle.

Hamilton and Winnipeg have the top two scoring offences in the league this season and can play some seriously hard-nosed defence, too. And when it comes to special teams, both units are, well, special.

In short, neither team has a big weakness that their opponent can exploit.

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