Scholar convinced comet will herald Apocalypse after 'decoding' Bible – with one set to hurtle past Earth this Christmas

A BIBLE scholar has claimed to have decoded scriptures that reveal a comet will imminently herald the Apocalypse — as one is set to arrive this Christmas.

David S. Heeren, who has spent 16 years studying passages in the holy tome, said the celestial event will be visible to the naked eye

Mr Heeren found 200 clues that he is convinced signals the period leading to the Second Coming and the end times will be marked by the space phenomena.

Heeren’s investigation, which he outlines in his book High Signs, began after reading the text of Isaiah, which depicts great visions given to the prophet.

Meanwhile, it is forecast Comet Leonard will pass closest to Earth on December 12, 2021 when it gets just a fifth of the distance from the Earth to the Sun to create a well-timed "Christmas Comet".

Mr Heeren told Sun Online: "I started perceiving a pattern in Isaiah’s prophetic imagery looking beyond the life of Jesus on earth to the era of his prophesied Second Coming on what the Bible refers to as the Day of the Lord.

"This was a noteworthy first for me because for a half-century before then, I had read biblical prophecies with great fascination but negligible understanding. 

"Suddenly, I was beginning to make sense of some of the Bible’s most mysterious passages."

During his research he noted scores of images of comets which came before major events.

Mr Heeren said: "Besides the 14 additional cometary images in Day of the Lord Scriptures, I  have found evidence that 25 major events described in the Bible can be associated with the appearance of comets. 

"These include the great flood of Noah, destruction of the Tower of Babel, annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah, the plagues of  Exodus, the Red Sea crossing, the Long Day of Joshua and four events associated with Jesus." 

He added: "The first 24 of the 25 events already have happened, with descriptive details from many sources indicating that they were indeed associated with the appearance of comets. 

"The only one of the 25 yet to occur is the return of Jesus."

But he could not pinpoint the exact date of this. 

Rather he said celestial signs were instructions of what is happening.

Ihave found evidence that 25 major events described in the Bible can be associated with the appearance of comets… the only one of the 25 yet to occur is the return of Jesus

He said: "We know that the Lord wants His people to recognize the sign of His coming, and to be watchful for it, and prepared for his appearance. 

"We know that the Lord wants his people to recognize the sign of his coming, and to be watchful for it, and prepared for his appearance."

But Mr Heeren warned the Second Coming and the Apocalypse would not be a pleasant time, and that Christians should prepare for the worst. People will need to be watchful, prayerful, prepared for tough times, he said.

Comet Leonard may become visible to the naked eye around that time and be visible close to bright star Arcturus in the constellation of Boötes just before sunrise and just after sunset.


But a much larger one than Leonard, in fact the biggest ever, called Bernardinelli-Bernstein, is also heading our way.

It is estimated to be about 1,000 times more massive than a typical comet and be visible in ten years' time in 2031.

Another theory was previously put forward by David Meade, a Christian numerologist, who first predicted that Planet X or Nibiru was hurtling towards the Earth and would wipe out humanity on September 23, 2017.

But after his ridiculous prediction, based on hidden numerical codes supposedly hidden within the Bible, failed to happen, Meade has changed his barmy claims.

Meade told Sun Online that people misunderstood his prophecy and the doomsday will take place over a period of seven years starting in October.

Linguist Zecharia Sitchin's controversial 1976 book Twelfth Planet claims that Nibiru is inhabited by an alien race called the Anunnaki, who are referred to in the Bible as the Nephilim.

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