Second ‘Banksy’ style artwork appears in Reading days after mural is vandalised

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Another piece of Banksy-style street art has appeared in Reading after the first work was vandalised.

The drawing has appeared on Reading Bridge, which crosses the River Thames between Reading and Caversham.

It's very similar to the typewriter seen in the Banksy drawing that appeared on Reading Prison earlier this month, Berkshire Live reports.

That mural was vandalised earlier this week, with "Team Robbo" daubed in red paint at the bottom of the painting.

This is thought to be in reference to the late street artist King Robbo, who Banksy had a famous feud with in the 1990s and early 2000s.

That attack saw the typewriter at the bottom of the painting covered up with red paint.

Now an almost identical drawing of the typewriter has appeared overnight between Wednesday, March 17 and Thursday, March 18.

An element of Banksy's feud with King Robbo was how the two used to go head to head with each other's work, adding and removing elements of the existing artwork.

It could well be the case the elusive Bristolian artist has returned to Reading to create a new piece of artwork.

Banksy has yet to confirm whether he has returned to the Berkshire town.

It could also be the case a copycat has carried out the work.

The painting is on part of the bridge near Christchurch Meadows.

The artwork was spotted by a woman who lives nearby, who asked not to be named, during her morning walk along the Thames.

Last weekend a mysterious mural of a young boy urinating onto letters spelling out "Banksy" appeared near a canal in Birmingham city centre.

Locals were bemused by the sudden appearance of the piece on Monday morning, with many snapping photos and speculating as to whether the mysterious graffiti artist was responsible – or someone copying him.

More than 60 pieces of street art have been attributed to Banksy since the 1990s. Those which have been sold have fetched millions of pounds.

Despite being active for nearly 30 years, the identity of Banksy remains unknown.

Over the years a number of famous Brits have been speculated to be the elusive artist, including former Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan and 3D from Massive Attack.

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