Southwest Airline passengers applaud when woman is kicked off after mask dispute

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Video posted on TikTok shows an entire plane of Southwest Airline customers applauding the removal of a woman accused of breaking federal mask rules.

In the clip posted last week, a woman can be seen a few rows ahead of the camera arguing with the flight crew about refusing to wear her mask.

“It’s better to get off,” a man mutters in the background while the woman, who is wearing a mask in the clip, hysterically denies refusing to cover her face.

“You’re saying I didn’t comply and put my mask on when you asked me to?” she asks another person, who is not visible to the camera. “Are you seriously telling them that I didn’t put my mask on when you asked me to?”

“You! Are! A liar,” she screams — but is quickly drowned out by boos and shouts of “Bye” from the passengers.

“Get off the plane” someone shouts. When the woman gets up to exit, the crowd applause. She throws them the middle finger in response before disembarking with a male companion.

“I hope you’re single, buddy!” one of the men on the plane shouts.

After the woman exits, another woman emerges from behind where the flight attendants had been standing — and does a little dance.

The video was posted five days ago by user B_elder56 with the caption #karen.

A Southwest spokesman said the airline could not provide information on the situation without knowing the date and flight number.

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