Springer spaniel called Lucy laps up her first 'puppuccino'

Wolfing it down! Springer spaniel called Lucy laps up her first ‘puppuccino’ in adorable video

  • Springer spaniel Lucy, 10, gulps ‘puppuccino’ in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire
  • Owner Elspeth Gold, 43, took the video of her 10-year-old dog on November 14
  • Lucy enjoys her first taste of the cream-based Starbucks drink in the footage

This is the sweet moment a springer spaniel got her first taste of a ‘puppuccino.’ 

Footage filmed in owner Elspeth Gold’s car, captures Lucy the dog guzzling every last drop of the Starbucks drink in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, on November 14. 

Lucy, who is 10, tips the cup up to relish every last drop of the drink in the front passenger seat of Ms Gold’s car. 

Lucy the springer spaniel, 10, enjoys her first puppuccino in the car with owner Elspeth Gold from Larkhall, South Lanarkshire on November 14 

In the footage, Lucy starts by licks the frothy drink, which is made of whipped cream and sugar, but contains no caffeine. 

Ms Gold says: ‘Is that good Lucy?’ to her sweet pooch who is making swift work of the treat.  

Lucy then rams her entire nose in the cup and lifts it up to tip the rest into her mouth. 

Her owner laughs as Lucy enthusiastically finishes up the drink, before the slips from her snout to reveal a cream-covered face. 

Lucy rams her nose into the cup and tips it up to savour every last drop of the drink 

Her eyes widen like saucers as she enjoys the drink and her owner Ms Gold laughs 

Speaking yesterday, Ms Gold, 43, said: ‘We just found it so funny.

‘I personally don’t give her a lot of treats as she gets spoiled by my mum – she’s there every day when I work.

 ‘She’s not a fussy dog and will eat anything apart from crisps, but me and my daughter just thought it was so funny. 

‘We just burst out laughing, it was her eyes, they were like saucers.’

Ms Gold posted the footage to Facebook and wrote:  ‘Safe to say Lucy loved her first pupcup from Starbucks.’ 

Ms Gold said the family had found the video ‘funny’ as Lucy had been enjoying her drink so much 

The footage was shared by Ms Gold to Facebook and has racked up hundreds of likes and shares

Commenters expressed their support for the sweet November 14 video on Facebook

Racking up hundreds of likes and comments, the post has been shared by users who loved the video.

One user said: ‘Her eyes are saying ‘ohmygodthisisthebest!’. Another commented: ‘Aww lovely! One member wrote: ‘Love this!’ Whilst another replied: ‘She loves it.’ 

Starbucks free Puppuccinos are on the coffee shop’s ‘Secret Menu’. 

Earlier this month, a French bulldog owner claimed her puppy choked to death after Starbucks staff put a dog biscuit in its ‘puppuccino’. 

Megan Harrison was heartbroken when her 18-month-old pup Bonnie died after her visit to the chain in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, on September 7.   

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