Stand-up comedian raped and murdered on way home from gig by teen stalker who is appealing 35-year sentence

A TEEN stalker who raped and murdered a stand-up comedian on her way home from a gig before sitting down to watch porn is appealing his 35-year sentence.

Evil Jaymes Todd followed Eurydice Dixon, 22, for more than an hour before attacking her as she walked through Princes Park in Melbourne, Australia following a comedy gig on June 12 last year.

Todd attacked her from behind and she fought back, scratching his face. But he overpowered Eurydice by sitting on her chest.

He then raped her and held down her windpipe until she choked to death.

After the murder, the then-19-year-old watched more violent porn on his phone, bought a pie and coffee, went back to the crime scene and searched online for rape material as well as stories about his victim.

It wasn't until a friend threatened to turn Todd in to police after CCTV footage of him was broadcast that the killer handed himself in.

At first, he denied attacking Eurydice and said the scratches on his face were from his cat.

A few hours later he confessed, but gave several different versions of what happened.

After his DNA was found at the scene Todd was charged with murder.

He pleaded guilty and in September he was sentenced to life in jail with a minimum non-parole period of 35 years.

Justice Stephen Kaye said Todd’s "dark and sick fantasy" and sexual sadism disorder drove the crime.

He told Todd: "Your actions were pure and unmitigated evil. You knew what you were doing was wrong, well understanding the effects of choking a female victim."

He was diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder while in custody.

Before the murder Todd fantasised about violent non-consensual sex culminating in a woman's death.

Last week his lawyer, Tim Marsh, told the Supreme court during a hearing for another killer-rapist, Codey Herrmann, an appeal for Todd had been filed.

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