Student in intensive care after horror ‘needle spiking’ at uni Halloween party

A student claims she was taken into intensive care after being “spiked by injection” at Fab ‘N’ Halloween.

Mollie McCooey, a final year student at the University of Birmingham, says she felt a “wave” come over her after being at the Fab ‘N’ Halloween, inside the Guild of Students on campus, for half an hour.

Her vision deteriorated and she started to feel sick.

Speaking to The Tab, Mollie said: “I was at the Underground bar attempting to get my first drink of the evening, and after 10 minutes of queuing, everything around me went into slow motion.

“The feeling was so intense, so I abandoned the queue and moved out of the way. After drinking such a negligible amount of alcohol and previously feeling almost sober, I could not work out what was happening or why.”

After leaving the Guild, Mollie found it difficult to see her phone screen properly in order to call an Uber home.

Her condition quickly deteriorated, her "legs became jittery” and her "teeth felt very on edge.”

These symptoms then followed a series of blackouts in the five-minute Uber home as well as once she arrived at her destination.

Mollie believes that her reaction to the alleged spiking was significant. Initially she didn't suspect her symptoms were consistent with a needle stick injury, as she was in the Guild for such a short period of time.

The next day she found a puncture wound in her arm and was advised to go to A&E by 111.

The doctors took bloods, ECG’s and administered a Hepatitis B jab.

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Mollie had a severe reaction to the jab due to the “foreign bodies” in her blood, her doctors explained.

The student was later moved to intensive care as her blood pressure was dangerously low, and spent five hours in resuscitation being stabilised.

A week on, Mollie has been attempting to recover both physically and mentally from the alleged spiking.

She said: “I can see the trauma of this horrific incident affecting me for the foreseeable future, a mental burden that I did not need adding to the already stressful final year of my degree.

“I really hope that after such an incident, the Guild do better and give us women the level of security that we so deserve to enable us to actually go out feeling safe."

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Mollie is the second student to be spiked at the same university party.

Last week, it was reported that third-year studentAmy Taylor was attending the event with her peers when she was injected with a substance that left her unable to walk properly.

She claims that her eyes were "rolling back", her legs began to feel "fuzzy" before she started drifting in and out of consciousness.

A spokesperson for the University of Birmingham’s Guild of Students said: "We are aware of a number of incidents within our venue and have reached out to support those involved. We are also cooperating with police investigations.

Anyone who believes they have been a victim of spiking in any form to contact the police via 101 anytime or to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

"The Guild cannot comment on individual cases, to respect the privacy of students. We have implemented a number of enhanced measures to increase student safety which are set out in our recent statement and published on our website."

West Midlands Police have published some advice on drink spiking. They said: “Bars are briefed and almost all of them are taking extra measures to keep their customers safe. ID checks and extra searches can be expected along with more patrols inside the venue with close monitoring of CCTV.

“Staff are ready to help if people need it, with larger clubs providing on site medics. Some places are also offering free drug detection kits for people who are worried their drink may have been tampered with.”

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