Tenants share photos of their horror homes from rats to holes in the ceiling and mouldy walls

TENANTS have shared photos of their homes from hell, with shocking images showing rats, holes in the ceiling and mouldy walls.

Furious renters plastered pics of their horror homes on Twitter under the hashtag #VentYourRent.

A new BBC Three documentary, Rent Like A Boss, that reveals some of Britain's most horrifying rented properties will highlight renters' complaints.

One tenant raged that a leaky roofcaused their bedroom ceiling to fall in.

Another posted a stomach-churning image of a mouse running rampant in their kitchen after a rodent infestation.

And one private renter claimed they were still finding fibre glass in their toaster after their ceiling collapsed.

Another said a landlord refused to remove a rotting rat's body from under their floorboards.


One jaw-dropping snap shows a toilet crammed next to a washing machine in a KITCHEN.

A tenant also took photographs of her flatmate's trousers caked in mould to highlight damp.

And one complained they were forking out £1,500 a month for a flat where the bathroom light switch was hanging from an un-painted ceiling.

One tenant tweeted: "Lest we forget my scummy student landlord who hungup on THE POLICE when they called him to say that our drug-fuelled neighbour had smashed a window and broken into our house."

Another wrote: "I had water running down the walls and black mould from damp."

Further complaints included water pouring from a kitchen extractor fan and no heating for eight months.

The tenant in question said they couldn't use their lounge for five months. but didn't get discounted rent.

Another was adamant it took two years and three different letting agents to get leaks fixed in their bathroom.

One landlord even insisted on storing furniture in their utility room while they tried to sell the flat below – for £1.2million.

The four-part BBC series features property experts Big V and Tobias.

The hosts read out complaints shared by tenants on Twitter late last year, who used the hashtag #VentYourRent.

It can be streamed on Iplayer from October 18.


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