Terrifying moment stolen SUV rams BMW with 2 child inside and smashes 12 cars

An enraged driver was filmed ramming a car carrying two children inside in a horrifying road rage attack.

The man behind the wheels of a taupe Range Rover hit a BMW 6 series before colliding with at least 10 vehicles parked alongside the road in East Ham, east London.

A video posted on Twitter shows the SUV pushing the saloon in an opposite direction before the motorist reverses and hits for the second time, smashing other parked cars on both sides.

Nearby residents rush to the scene to help pull out the BMW driver and the passengers – including two young children – as they hear the commotion on the street.

But they scramble to safety when the Range Rover ploughs towards the car at speed until it opens up space and the driver speeds off.

The cameraman shows the close-up aftermath on the road as multiple car alarms go off.

Pieces of metal scraps scattered on the ground and scratch marks can be seen along a black Mercedes.

Some locals commented that the BMW driver was about to park on the side of a street but the Range Rover decided to ram into the vehicle to get away.

"The car was abandoned at the end of the road," one said. "BMW had two young kids inside."

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A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: "Police were called to Benson Avenue, E6, at 16.46pm on Sunday to reports of a Range Rover car colliding with a number of other parked vehicles.

"Officers attended. A group of at least 10 vehicles were found to be damaged and it was reported that one vehicle, containing a man and two children, had been pushed onto a footpath.

"The Range Rover had been reported stolen from Melford Road, E6, a short time before the collisions.

"The driver left the vehicle and got into a another vehicle before police arrived.

"There have been no arrests. Enquiries are ongoing."

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