Thousands flock to Times Square to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory

It looked like New Year’s Eve in Times Square on Saturday night, as thousands packed the Crossroads of the World to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump.

A seemingly endless line of cars also passed through the area, their drivers honking their horns and cheering out of their windows.

With a little technical help from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and ABC, the Democrat’s speech seeking to unite the nation was screened on 44th Street and Broadway for the massive crowd.

Jubilant revelers waved American flags, erupting into roars and chants of “USA” when Biden appeared on the screen.

The loudest applause came when the president-elect pledged to immediately form a task force to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was beautiful,” one of the supporters, Harold Person, said of Biden’s speech — shouting above the sound of dance music and honking horns.

“You could just feel the love!,” added Person, who drove down from New Haven on Saturday to join the party.

“America is back! We’re back!” he said. “We totally needed this. We thought our country was gone.”

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