Three ‘British orphans’ found abandoned in ISIS camp after their ‘fanatic family was killed in airstrike – The Sun

THREE apparently orphaned children found in a Kurdish-run ISIS internment camp may be British as invading Turkish forces pummel the region.

The trio were thought to have been brought by their parents five years ago to join the death cult's caliphate before being captured by US-backed Kurd forces in an area in north-east Syria.

The children featured in a BBC report from the Ain Issa camp, in north-east Syria.

The area is under siege from Turkish forces who have invaded after the United States withdrew its troops from the region, leaving its Kurdish allies exposed to the might of the Turkish military.

One girl, Amira, ten, said she left London at the age of five, and described seeing other family members killed.

Speaking in English, she said: "They were hitting so much.

 "There was a little house and that big dusty mountain and behind it everybody was dead.

 "In front of us was everyone who was not killed, the other people.

"We were going to pack our stuff and get out, the airplane came and bombed. So then my mum died, my littlest brother, my little brother and my sister.

"Then after that, all was getting on fire. We had to walk out."

She is now living with her only surviving siblings, a brother and sister.

Amira said she has a grandmother in Britain, although she could not remember her name.

Her sister, Heba, eight, also appeared on camera and showed huge scars on her stomach.

A Government spokesperson said: “There may be British children in camps in Syria who, because of their age, are innocent victims of the conflict.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of demonstrators opposed to Turkey’s assault on Kurdish-held North East Syria protested at Westminster yesterday, demanding Ankara ends its air and ground offensive.

Fierce fighting has reached a displaced-persons camp in Ayn Issa, about 20 miles south of the Turkey-Syria border.

The Kurdish-led administration said in a statement that 950 IS supporters escaped after attacking guards and breaching the gates.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkish warplanes hit villages in its vicinity with "heavy and violent rocket shelling" as Pro-Turkish soldiers advanced.

Wives and widows of ISIS fighters and their children were among those fleeing the violence near the camp, it added.

Meanwhile last night Trump tweeted: "The US has the worst of the ISIS prisoners. 

“Turkey and the Kurds must not let them escape. 

“Europe should have taken them back after numerous requests. They should do it now. They will never come to, or be allowed in the United States."

But New Jersey Sen Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Trump is weakening America.

Mr Menendez said: 'To be clear, this administration's chaotic and haphazard approach to policy by tweet is endangering the lives of US troops and civilians.

"The only beneficiaries of this action are ISIS, Iran and Russia."

The fast-moving developments were a further unraveling of US counterterrorism efforts in Syria, and they highlighted an extraordinary breakdown in relations between the United States and Turkey, NATO allies for decades. 

Turkish troops have often fought alongside American troops, including in the Korean War and in Afghanistan.

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