Times Brazen Brits were caught having sex – from rooftop romp to bonking by bins

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It seems that Brits aren’t shy when it comes to having sex – with these randy couples opting to get it on in public.

Office workers, diners and shoppers were the unfortunate onlookers when these illicit acts took place, with many of the culprits romping in broad daylight.

From being caught red-handed having sex on top of a cliff while restaurant patrons look on to romping in front of office workers, the Daily Star has taken a look at Brits who have bared all.

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Bonking on roof of car park

A naked couple was filmed in a doggy-style romp on top of a multi-storey car park near Birmingham's Snow Hill station.

Workers in adjacent office buildings caught them in the act and the clip, which was shared by @imjustbrum on Twitter, shows the fully-nude Brits performing the sex act in full view of the office buildings surrounding the council-owned car park.

Temperatures in the area were around 38C when the pair were filmed and the clip quickly went viral.

People jumped in the comments to poke fun at the couple – with some wondering why one of them appeared to be wearing nothing but a party hat.

One user asked: "Why you got the party hat on for?"

Another quipped: "At least they are within the white lines."

It isn’t clear whether any reports were filed regarding the incident but the Daily Star previously contacted the West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council for a comment.

Public sex sesh on busy seaside cliff

Diners trying to enjoy their lunch at the Hooked on the Rocks restaurant in Falmouth, Cornwall, were shocked to see a raunchy couple having sex in full view on the cliff ledge opposite.

Snaps taken from the Hooked on the Rocks restaurant show the couple completely naked and locked in a compromising position as walkers enjoy an afternoon stroll just a few feet away.

The diner who took the snap said: "We noticed a very happy couple at Swanpool Falmouth, on the cliff top.

"We were at Hooked on the Rocks – all the customers were rather shocked and found it hilarious. It must have been the humidity."

The diner explained that one couple was "a bit annoyed, but the rest of us found it hilarious".

They added: "An older couple in their 70s were cracking us all up. They couldn't take their eyes off them. At first sight we thought probably yoga but then my partner zoomed in on her phone and confirmed what we all really thought they were doing.

“My partner was shocked at how long they were going. They were still at it when we left.”

Couple get randy against bin in Benidorm

Strangers cheered on a bloke who had his hand up a woman's skirt, performing a sex act against a recycling bin in Benidorm before police arrived to put a stop to the fun.

The video was shared on Twitter by Kyle G and was captioned: "Only in Benidorm."

In the clip, the woman – who was pressed up against a green recycling bin – had her back arched as the man's hand was seen moving back and forth under her skirt.

People walking by were cheering them on with phrases like "quick, come" and "come, baby, come" after they spotted police approaching to stop the couple.

An officer is seen whacking the pair in the back with a truncheon to stop the public sex act before others also surround them.

The clip ends before it was seen whether they were arrested.

Public sex in front of shocked shoppers

Throwing an Aussie couple into the mix, this duo was spotted getting frisky as they took advantage of the scorching weather in Australia.

They were filmed getting intimate as they stripped off to dive into a public water fountain in Yagan Square, Perth.

The woman can be seen having her way with the man, right in the middle of the giant water feature.

A photo of the scandalous moment – taken when it was roughly 42.5C – quickly went viral online.

The original poster of the photo, a Facebook page called Restaurant Deals Perth, wrote: “Those of you whom were having a feed at Yagan Square today and witnessed this, please note there are support services available to help you process such trauma.”


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