Tourist ‘vomited blood after drinking spiked lemonade’ at hotel where three died

A tourist claims she threw up blood after drinking 'spiked' lemonade at a resort where three people died in mysterious circumstances, reports say.

Awilda Montes, from New York, US, believes the 7-Up she drank at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville resort, in the Dominican Republic, contained bleach.

Awilda initially thought it was an accident, but she now thinks she may have been spiked, following the deaths of three people at the resort last month.

She told CBS News: "I was cautious when I took a gulp of it. I immediately felt it burn me, burn my mouth, burn my tongue. My mouth was on fire.

“When I spit it out in the bathroom sink, it was blood," she continued,

"At the time I didn't think it was done deliberately until I saw the news and realised that there has to be some kind of correlation between what happened to me and what happened to them.

"I would have been poisoned had I not held it in my mouth and spat it out because it took effect really fast."

Awilda, who visited the Dominican Republic in October, told CBS News that when she opened the 7-Up bottle, in the mini-bar in her room, she noticed it was flat.

The resort apologised and offered her and her boyfriend a meal and a massage, according to reports.

Last month, Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, from the US, reportedly died after drinking a product from her mini-bar.

The resort said she died of a heart attack but her family said she was in good health, it is claimed.

Five days later an American couple were found dead in their room at another hotel in the resort.

Resort officials said the deaths were unrelated, according to CBS.

The broadcaster has approached the resort for comment in relation to Awilda's claims.

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