Truck skids off road and plows into family's living room

Moment pick-up truck skids off road and plows into family’s living room narrowly missing their four dogs ‘after driver was distracted by their phone’

  • Ana and Ryan Hudgeons’ New Mexico home was damaged while they were out
  • Mrs Hudgeons said police told her the driver was ‘speeding and distracted’
  • The family’s four dogs were at home and narrowly missed being hit by the truck
  • Gallup Fire Marshal Jon Parrett reminded of the dangers of drivers using phones

Footage shows the dramatic moment a distracted driver crashed into a family home, narrowly missing four dogs and causing extensive damage.

The incident happened in Gallup, in the US state of New Mexico, on October 25 and caused extensive damage to a home belong to Ana and Ryan Hudgeons who were not at home at the time.

Footage captured by surveillance cameras both inside and outside the property show a white truck crashing through the garden before smashing into the side of the house and through the living room.

Mrs Hudgeons said she was told by police that the driver was ‘speeding and distracted when the crash happened’. 

Photo shows the extent of the damage caused when a white pick-up truck smashed into the side of a family home in Gallup, New Mexico, on October 25 

The external camera shows the white pickup truck travelling at considerable speed as it smashes through the bushes and gates in the front garden of the property.

The vehicle also narrowly misses family dog Olie, who appears to be sleeping on a chair, before running away when the crash happens.

The truck smashes into the side of the house, creating a loud bang, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Ana, her husband Ryan Hudgeons and their young child were not at home at the time of the crash but there three dogs were and they narrowly avoided being hit 

An alternative angle from inside the Hudgeons’ living room shows three dogs – Kava, Zora and Roko – lounging on the sofa.

Disturbed by the noise of the truck crashing through the garden fence and gates, the three dogs jump up moments before the vehicle smashes into the corner of the living room leaving a gaping hole.

The truck destroys the corner of the room as the three dogs, unharmed, run further into the house for safety.

Pictured: a view from the living room living room where Kava, Zora and Roko had been lounging on the sofa moments before the crash

Speaking after the incident, Ana Hudgeons said, despite the extensive damage, the result could have been a lot worse if she, her husband Ryan and their daughter had been home at the time. 

Gallup Fire Marshal Jon Parrett told KOB4 that had the couple’s child been playing in the garden when the crash happened ‘it could have ended her life’.

He told the TV station: ‘A split second looking at your phone or making a phone call or sending a text, it could change somebody else’s life.

‘A second of being distracted could change someone’s life forever.

‘Luckily there was nobody home at the time.’

Mr Parrett said the occupants of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries but refused transport to the hospital. 

The Hudgeons’ other dog Olie had been sleeping on a chair in the garden when the truck crashed through. The rear of the white pick up truck can be seen on the left hand side as it smashes into the side of the house

Mrs Hudgeons, who runs a photography business from the house, said ‘priceless heirlooms were destroyed’ in the crash.

She added: ‘I came home to see that my entire fence line was gone and there was a gaping hole in our house on the side. 

‘I literally didn’t know – the shock was great. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.’

Crews spent three hours at the house, attempting to make it safe after smelling gas on arrival.

Mr Parrett said they did not want anybody to sleep in the house and ‘and made sure that they had a place to stay for that night’.

Since the incident, a fundraising page has been set up to support the ‘beautiful family’ and has so far raised more than $1,600.  

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