Trump went in Oval Office while aides need full PPE to go near him

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump ‘went back to the Oval Office yesterday,’ aide reveals – despite staff being told they must wear full PPE to go near him because of risk of COVID

  • White House personnel who come in contact with Donald Trump must wear wear yellow gowns, surgical masks and disposable protective goggles 
  • There are fears the president could spread coronavirus as aides reveal it appears he is still struggling to breathe after being given supplemental oxygen twice
  • Cleaners in hazmat suits were seen disinfecting the press area in the West Wing after nearly two dozen in Trump’s inner circle tested positive for coronavirus
  • Trump has been seen wearing a mask more often since his diagnosis, but he continues to refuse to regularly don the protective facial gear

Donald Trump returned to the Oval Office on Tuesday despite being sick with COVID, one of his most senior aides revealed.

Economic advisor Larry Kudlow told CNBC’s Squawk Box Wednesday that the president went with ‘extra precautions,’ then refused to say what they were claiming they were ‘much greater than simply masking.’

Astonishingly just minutes later the White House chief of staff Mark Meadows claimed Trump had not been in the Oval Office but was planning to go back later Wednesday. 

As the two men offered differing accounts, Trump launched another Twitter tirade after frenzied tweeting on Tuesday which caused a Wall Street sell off as he ordered off stimulus talks – only to entirely reverse himself on Tuesday night. 

Doctors have voiced concerns that the powerful steroids Trump has been prescribed have significant side effects including causing agitation, mania, psychosis, and feelings in invincibility.

And Trump himself is being treated as massively contagious.  

Any aides who come in contact with him wears yellow gowns, surgical masks and disposable protective eye covers, a report revealed.

As of Tuesday, the West Wing was virtually empty as nearly two dozen aides, advisers and those within the president’s inner circle have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week – and those still negative have been told to work from home, aides told The New York Times.

While the aides said Trump sounded stronger than before upon the president’s return to the Executive Residence Monday night, they believe at times it appears he is trying to catch his breath.

Trump’s doctors said the president was treated with supplemental oxygen at least two times since he was put in their care.

Those with the White House cleaning team have been pictured disinfecting the press areas in the West Wing while wearing what appears to be full hazmat suits. 

The full personal protective attire at one of Washington D.C.’s biggest hot spots fuels worries that Trump could still spread the disease.

White House personnel who come in contact with Donald Trump wear yellow gowns, surgical masks and disposable protective goggles as fears are stoked he could spread coronavirus as aides 

Here a White House cleaning staff members disinfects the press briefing room in a hazmat suit

Many of Trump’s top aides are now out of commission as they quarantine at home recovering from coronavirus – including much of Trump’s press shop with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnanay and assistant press secretaries Chad Gilmartin and Karoline Leavitt all testing positive. 

Although Trump has been seen wearing a face mask more often as of late, he still continues to refuse to regularly don the protective gear. 

Trump announced that he and first lady Melania had tested positive for coronavirus overnight Thursday – the two were prompted to take a test after the president’s counselor Hope Hicks tested positive earlier in the day.

On Friday, the 74-year-old president was transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center where he remained for three nights.

Reports indicated Trump was ‘bored’ and anxious to leave – further evident by his flurry of tweets and videos from the presidential suite at the hospital and his ‘stunt’ car ride to greet from his air-right SUV loyalists posted outside Walter Reed with signs of encouragement for the president’s recovery.

So far, 21 people – including the president and first lady – have tested positive after gathering at two ‘super spreader’ events.

The latest to test positive is White House policy adviser Stephen Miller whose wife, press secretary to Vice President Katie Miller, tested positive earlier this year.

It appears COVID-19 was able to infect so many in the latest outbreak due to last Saturday’s Rose Garden event announcing Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee and the following day when an event for bereaved military “Gold Star” families that was held indoors at the White House.

Trump was transferred from Walter Reed to the White House Monday evening as his top physician, Dr. Sean Conley, explained the president was being treated with dexamethasone, a steroid; remdesivir, an antiviral medication; and occasional supplemental oxygen.

As the president takes a break from campaigning and many presidential duties as he recuperates from the White House, he has still used his favorite outlet to voice his thoughts and opinions throughout his recovery.

He has taken to social media several times to tweet and retweet on a wide range of topics, including slamming the FBI, FDA, Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chris Wallace.

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