Turkey says Russia to relent on peace talks as Erdogan expecting ‘good news’ today

Ukraine: Turkey hopeful at arranging a ceasefire during talks

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President Erdogan’s chief advisor Ilnur Cevik discussed how Turkey had been trying to preserve peace between the two nations. Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are set to take place with officials in Turkey on Tuesday, the latest round of such talks in over a month of conflict. Mr Cevik explained that Ukrainians wanted a solution to end their suffering, and Russia needed to find a solution as their country is facing major problems due to the sanctions imposed by Western Governments. Turkey’s chief advisor claimed that Turkey was the only country speaking to both sides.

Mr Cevik told the BBC’s Today programme: “Well Turkey is an honest broker here, it is doing its best to preserve peace in the region.

“So it is dissuading everybody to fall for provocations, it is telling the Ukrainians that it is being provoked by others outside.

“So Turkey is telling both sides to be calm, Turkey is in the middle, it’s a bridge of peace between Ukraine and Russia.

“And Turkey is the only country that is speaking to both.”


Host Mishal Husain said: “And do you think, as we stand today after more than a month of fighting there is a willingness to find the space for a ceasefire on both sides?”

Mr Cevik added: “Yes because the Ukrainians are suffering it’s obvious they want a solution.

“The Russians in the beginning, we did not think that they were really ready for anything.

“But now we see that maybe the Russians are also after being bogged down in Ukraine for a month.

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“And it was not a quick operation so… They couldn’t find a solution, and this is a heavy toll on the Russian economy.

“I meant the sanctions, pressures on Russia they’re being isolated so, now that they can’t get what they want, they may aim for the best that they can get.”

Many political commentators are hopeful that Putin will end the brutal assault on Ukraine, after peace talks in Turkey, as Putin and Erdogan have a friendship despite Turkey being a NATO member.

Russia has previously given Turkey weapons and ammunition.

“The minimum programme will be humanitarian questions, and the maximum programme is reaching an agreement on a ceasefire.”

Many political heads have been speculating that Russia will expect Ukraine to give up Crimea and the Donbas, along with agreeing to stop considering NATO membership.

A Government adviser to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said: “Intensive consultations are underway right now on some important issues, the most important of which is agreement on international security guarantees for Ukraine, because with this agreement we will be able to end the war as Ukraine needs,” said political adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said on national television.

“The second issue is a ceasefire to solve all the humanitarian problems that have accumulated.”

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